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Wash them in cool or cold water and don't use a dryer to dry them.

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Q: How do you prevent your clothes from shrinking?
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How do you prevent clothes from shrinking?

Wash in cold water and avoid putting in dryer. Alternatively, buy pre-washed clothes.

Ingredient in fabric to prevent shrinking?

Many fabrics are manufactured of thread that is blended with polyester to prevent and/or reduce shrinking and wrinkling. However, this is not something you can add to or that you can treat your existing fabrics with to prevent shrinking.

How does one stop clothes from shrinking in the wash?

The best way to stop clothes from shrinking in the wash is to make sure the wash temperature is on cold as opposed to hot or warm. Using specific detergent made for cold water also helps lessen shrinking.

How do you prevent your jeans from tightening or temporarily shrinking after washing and drying?

Such is the nature of cotton.

How do you make my clothes bigger after being in the dryer?

If, after washing your clothes, you can avoid putting them in the dryer at all, you can avoid shrinking them. If the clothes are made primarily of polyester, after washing all you have to hang them up WITHOUT drying them, and usually they look good, all without shrinking. The shower rod is a good place to hang them.

How do I pack my clothes in a suitcase to prevent them from wrinkling?

To prevent wrinkles it is best to roll your clothes and not fold them.

How do you prevent a pie crust from shrinking up on the sides of the pie?

Cover the edge of the pie with foil.

Does cold water shrink clothes?

Warm and hot water is known for shrinking clothes at times, especially wool or cotton clothing. Cold water will not shrink clothing.


To prevent tights from shrinking, simply hand-wash them and hang them to dry.

Does cold water shrink clothes in the washer?

No, but putting them in the dryer might. Heat is the culprit in shrinking natural fibres such as cotton and wool.

How do you wash your clothes without shrinking them?

Wash your clothes like normal, but don't put them in the dryer. After you wash them, hang them up or lay them out to dry.

Do baggy clothes help prevent mosquitoe bites?

No baggy clothes actually let them inside and can bite you.