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Soldiers can access their SSD2 certificates through ATRRS by going to the ATRRS website:

1. Once logged in you will click on View ATRRS Training Record under user tools on the upper left.

2. Look for your SSD2 course 1-250-C49-2 (DL) and click on the certificate link.

If you receive an error or certificate is not showing please call ATRRS below:

ATRRS Help Desk Information

DSN: 225-2353

(Overseas DSN Code: 312)

COMM: (703) 695-2353

Monday-Friday 0730 to 1730 EST

Note: It may take up to 48 hours for your record to post to ATRRS. You may contact USASMA Ft. Bliss Blackboard Course Support for more information if needed.

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how to print out certificate SSM

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Q: How do you print army ssd certificate of completion?
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