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You don't print them out. You find them on brand name cereal and other brand name items.

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Q: How do you print out boxtops for education?
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Which brands are participating in the Boxtops for Education program?

The brands involved in the Boxtops for Education program are as follows: Betty Crocker, General Mills, Green Giant, Old El Paso, Yoplait, Motts and Hefty.

Can you print boxtops?

No. You can get them through many brand name items. Items such as Ziploc, Kleenex, and others have them. They earn 10 cents each for your local school.

Do candy bars have boxtops?

Most do not.

How do you get better equipment for schools?

You earn boxtops

How does lucky charms cereal market there product?

Lucky Charms cereal is marketed using TV ads, grocery store ads, and web sites (Boxtops for education).

Where do you take boxtops for school?

Take them to school and give them to the secretary.

Why people should bring in boxtops?

When you bring in a Boxtop to your school it earn 10 cents. So if you bring in 10 Boxtops your school earns $1.00. This may not seem like much money but they add up quickly.

What are boxtops used for?

You can give them to your school and you get the amount of money that is written on them...(which is usually only $0.10)

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