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Q: How do you pronounce Chrono?
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Are Aion and Chrono Related in Chrono Crusade?


How old is chrono from chrono crusade?

Over 9000!!!!!!

When did Chrono Trigger happen?

Chrono Trigger happened in 1995.

When was Chrono Crusade created?

Chrono Crusade was created in 2003.

What is torvate chrono used for?

what is diffrent between torvate & torvate chrono.

How do you get chrono back in chrono trigger?

you get to level 99 and have 99 items

When does chrono kiss rosette?

Chrono & Rosette kiss in episodes 14 & 18.

When was Chrono Trigger created?

Chrono Trigger was created on 1995-03-11.

When was Nanae Chrono born?

Nanae Chrono was born on 1980-06-18.

Does chrono like rosette?

yes (if you go on and and go to chrono crusade /romance /rosette and chrono /strawberry kisses it will help you out on that !)it is proven throughout the anime .

In Chrono Crusade is rosette older than chrono?

No Rosette is Definetly younger then Chono.

When was Music of Chrono Trigger created?

Music of Chrono Trigger was created on 1995-03-25.

What is the security key of chrono tales hack tool 1.2v?

chrono tales security key

What does prefix chrono mean?

The prefix chrono means time or period. This is used in synchronous and isochronous.

What are the ratings and certificates for Chrono - 1996?

Chrono - 1996 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

When was Music of Chrono Cross created?

Music of Chrono Cross was created on 1999-12-18.

Words with prefix chrono?

words with the prefix chrono: * chronograph * chronological * chronology * chronometerChronological, chronicle

What does the root word chrono mean?

What I've learned is The root word for 'Chrono' is time, I hope this helps!

What origin is chrono?


When will Chrono Trigger DS be released in Australia?

Chrono Trigger will oficially be released in Australia on the 5th of February 2009

Where can you watch chrono crusade tagalog dubbed?

google chrono crusade dub video if not torrent, and download it with bittorent

Is there be Chrono Crusade season 2?

There's no news or indications that the anime series "Chrono Crusade" will have a second season .

How many chrono crusade books are there?

The Chrono Crusade manga has 8 volumes. In addition there is a single-volume light novel sidestory called 'Chrono Crusade: Wings, They are the Light of the Soul', which has not been translated into English.

What are the ratings and certificates for Chrono-logic - 2002?

Chrono-logic - 2002 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA

Did chrono die in chrono crusade manga?

In the manga Chrono goes into his last fight with Aion, leaving Rosetto behind waiting for him to return. Rosetto knows that she doesn't have much more time left but strongly beliefs that Chrono will come back to her. In the epilogue Chrono comes to Rosetto during her last attack and the last picture is Chrono and Rosetto hugging, so a lot of people like to believe they went away together. Azumaria says that Rosetto dies, but they never show us any proof, like Rosetto's dead body or anything. So I'd like to say -No Chrono didn't die.