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How do you pronounce Venezuela?

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ven - es - way - la

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What does Venezuela do in Christmas?

venezuela do many thing. Venezuela do

Where is coro located in Venezuela?

Coro is in Venezuela. It is in the Falcon, Venezuela.

What is the Spanish word for Venezuela?

Venezuela is the Spanish word for Venezuela.

How do you pronounce Caracas the capital of Venezuela?

AnswerCah-rah-cahs, with the accent on the second syllable.Listen to the correct pronunciation of Caracas

Caracas is the capital of what country?

VenezuelaThe capital city of Venezuela is Caracas.Caracas is capital of Venezuela

What is the terrain of Venezuela?

The answer is when the treain of Venezuela is the terraun of Venezuela. FIND IT YOURSELF!!

Is it further to go to Venezuela to Bolivia or from Venezuela to cuba?

venezuela to bolivia

Is it farhter to go from Venezuela to Bolivia or Venezuela to cuba?

It is farther to go to Venezuela to Cuba than Venezuela to Bolivia.

How is the Amazon important to Venezuela?

It is important to Venezuela to get more tourists for Venezuela and The Amazon

What starts with the letter N in Venezuela?

The National Pantheon of Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela

What is the offical name of Venezuela?


How hot is it in Venezuela?

Is it hot in Venezuela?

Do Venezuela do ativity?

what does Venezuela do for creatvity

Is Venezuela a city?

venezuela is a country

Are there tigers in Venezuela?

No, there are no tigers in Venezuela.

How many states does Venezuela have?

Venezuela has 24 states.I know because I was BORN in Venezuela.

What is the capital of Venezuela?

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela.

What does Yo soy de Venezuela means?

yo soy the Venezuela means: I am from Venezuela

Is Iran or Venezuela closer the the equator?


Cities in Venezuela?

There are many cities in Venezuela.

What is the nationality of Venezuela?

Venezuelan is the nationality of venezuela

What climate does caracas Venezuela have?


What is the biggest country in Venezuela?

Venezuela is a country.

What is the slogan of Venezuela?

What's the slogan of Venezuela

How do you spell Venezuela in spanish?