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Q: How do you pronounce maestro in spanish?
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Is Maestro a Spanish surname?

Maestro may be Spanish, but it may also be Portuguese or Italian.

What does maestro mean spanish?

Schoolteacher. Maestro. Master (of a skill).

is maestro in Spanish masculine or feminine?

It is spanish

What is a maestro?

A maestro is the Spanish word for teacher.Maestro is also a common term for an orchestral conductor

What is maestro mean in spanish?

(male) teacher

What is male student in spanish?

The Spanish word for a male teacher is maestro. Also, you can use the word professor. For female teachers, it is maestra and profesora.

How do we say I will be your teacher in spanish?

seré tu maestro

What does the Spanish word maestro mean in English?


What is the meaning for teacher in spanish?

It is "maestro/maestra" or "profesor/profesora".

How do you say Master Permit in Spanish?

it is Permiso de Maestro

How do you say who is your teacher in spanish?

¿Quién es tu maestro/a? (informally) ¿Quién es su maestro/a? (formally) one can also replace "maestro/a" with "profesor/a," meaning professor

Can you teach me Spanish?

Maestro - Teacher of Primary or Secondary school2. Profesor - Teacher in a College or University