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well if you mean like the English word in Russian, it would be spelled very differently, but pronounced the same. ( скуль ). But the word means cheekbone in Russian. The word is "shkola". (школа).

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In russian, you pronounce taty Ciao!

Russian "русский" is pronounced "roo-ski"

Mischa which is the Russian form of Melissa.

Mission in Russian is Missia. That is eaxcly how you to pronounce it.

Койот Koĭot

Джейсон Dzhyeĭson

Произносить Proiznositʹ

You pronounce 'lutchshi drukk' for best friend in russian.

Russian for "intimate" is интимный, you can spell it as intimny and pronounce inTEEMnyi

Школа is how you say school in Russian.

Принц (pronounce prints).

we say "mama" :) and pronounce it as you do :)

drug, not the drug, droog.

тигр - pronounced 'teegr'

Давай Davaĭ

темнота (temnota)

путешествие -------------------------------------------------- I do not know how to pronounce it.

Сладкий Sladkiĭ

"Welcome home", in Russian, is pronounced Dabro pajalavat damoi.

I believe the Russian word for death is смерть, but I'm not sure. It is. Pronounce it "smyertch"

"Welcome to Russia", in Russian, is pronounced Dabro pajalavat v Rasseeyu.

In order to pronounce it, it looks like this: dvenadtsit' But in Russian it looks like this: двенадцать

улыбка srry no clue how to pronounce it--

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