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Israelis would pronounce the name Kenneth as Kenet, since there is no th in Hebrew.

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Q: How do you pronounce the Hebrew name for Kenneth in English?
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How do you pronounce the name Bridgette in Hebrew?

Bridgette is pronounced the same in Hebrew as it is in English.

How do you pronounce the name savanna in Hebrew?

Its pronounced the same in Hebrew as it is in English.

How do you pronounce Gabrielle in Hebrew?

It's pronounced the same in Hebrew as it is in English. It is also related to the Hebrew name Gavriela (גבריאלה)

What is the Hebrew translation of the English name William?

The name "William" cannot be translated into Hebrew, but it can be written as וויליאם (pronounce veelyahm)

What does the Hebrew word kenneth mean?

Kenneth is not a Hebrew word. It's a Scottish name.

What does the English name 'Ken' translate to in Hebrew?

It means "Yes, commander" in a military context. It is what one would say to a female superior in the Israeli army.

Is Koppel A Hebrew name for Kenneth and Carl?

No. Koppel is not a Hebrew word at all.

How do you pronounce Kenneth Branagh's family name?


How do you pronounce mic ha el?

You pronounce the name Michael, Mike ul. The name is Hebrew and the people who speak that language pronounce that... or at least they used to. I learned that in a Hebrew class.

What is the Hebrew name for the english name Fred?

There is no Hebrew name for the English name Fred. But you can choose any name to be your hebrew name.

How do you pronounce the name Julie Χ’'Χ•ΦΌΧœΦ΄Χ™ in Hebrew?

it's the same as in English. ג׳ולי is just the word "Julie" written out phonetically.

How do you pronounce roni in Hebrew?

RŌ-nee (almost the same as it's pronounced in English).------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My name is Roni and it's a hebrew girls name!! Some people pronounce it as Ronnie but it is pronounced as: Row-Nee (rowpronounced as 'row your boat' and nee prounced 'oww I hurt my knee')