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The likely pronunciation is as spelled : TULL-jee.

The word 'tulgey' is not an actual English word, but was created for the poem Jabberwocky (1871) by Lewis Carroll.

As Carroll neglected to offer a definition, its meaning is unknown.

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Tulgey is pronounced "tuhl-jee" with the stress on the first syllable.

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Q: How do you pronounce tulgey?
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The cast of The Tulgey Wood - 2005 includes: Ben Libby as Young Boy

What part of speech is tulgey?

Tulgey is a proper noun. It comes from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky" and is often used to describe something confusing or disorienting.

How do you get to tulgey woods?

Tulgey Woods is a fictional location from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky" in the book "Through the Looking-Glass." As it is not a real place, you cannot physically get there. It exists only in the realm of literature and imagination.

What could tulgey mean?

When Lewis Carrol wrote Jabberwocky, he employed a number of words which he made up himself. Some of these were what he called "portmanteau words" which contain parts of two words and combine their meanings. In Jabberwocky the verse in question goes And as in uffish thought he stood The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame Came whiffling through the tulgey wood And burbled as it came. "Tulgey" might be a portmanteau of turgid and bulgy. Or it might be just nonsense.

What does 'tulgey' mean in Jabberwocky?

In the context of Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky," the word "tulgey" is a nonsensical term that is used to evoke a sense of whimsy and absurdity. It does not have a specific meaning outside of the poem.

The Jabberwock came whiffling through the tulgey wood.?

This line is from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky" in "Through the Looking-Glass." The poem is known for its use of nonsensical words and vivid imagery to create a sense of mystery and adventure. "Whiffling" and "tulgey" are examples of Carroll's playful word creations.

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Blow into the microphone so they fall over.

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In the 1951 animated Disney movie, Alice encounters the umbrella birds in Tulgey Wood.

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What is the part of speech in the sentence The Jabberwock came whiffling through the tulgey wood?

Through is a preposition.This is from the poem 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Caroll, used in on of the 'Alice' books. It is an imaginery tale with nonsense words.

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