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How do you protect the innocent spouse and the innocent child from a sociopath mother?

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Is the sociopath mother on medicine to control her behavior? If not and the sociopath is a danger, then the innocent spouse needs to take legal action to protect himself and the child immediately (contact a lawyer, the county should have some programs to help those who cannot afford one). If the sociopath mother is on medicine, going to counseling and is compliant with her doctor there is not a whole lot you can do. The father will have a better chance in court to get full physical and legal custody.

2008-11-30 08:56:52
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If your spouse is being sued what can you do as the innocent spouse to protect yourself and your children financially excluding divorce?

It depends on the crime, where you were when your spouse did whatever he/she did, and whether you have an allabi. GET A LAWYER

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If you believe your spouse is a sociopath and you have an infant together and a pending divorce should you fight for sole custody of the infant child?

If you feel your child is in danger than I would say yes but if you feel he is a sociopath than maybe you might want to consider consulting your question towards a professional who could tell you the safest way of going about dealing with a sociopath.

Is friendship with someone from the opposite sex innocent if you keep it from your spouse?

It is certainly not innocent if you have a friend of the opposite sex and want to keep it from your spouse. If you are truly friends with this person then talk to your spouse about him/her and ask your friend over for dinner. There is nothing to fear as long as that person truly is just a friend. Keeping it a secret only casts shadows of covering up a possible extra marital affair.

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If your father is married to a woman who is not your mother, this woman is your step-mother. If you are married, the mother of your spouse is your mother-in-law.

What rights does a spouse have in a mother in laws inheritance?

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Can the IRS levy property that is owned in the name of the innocent spouse when the liability was incurred prior to marriage?

The IRS doesn't levy property, they levy bank accounts and wages. They can place a lien on a tax payer that owns property and collect on a liability when that property is sold. In a case where a taxpayer has a liability before marrying; as long as the taxpayer has filed married filing separate each year of marriage, or filed married filing joint injured or innocent spouse, the IRS should not levy or place a lien against the innocent spouse.

Is it appropriate to have opposite sex friends without your spouse knowing?

No. Friendships between members of the opposite sex can be completely innocent. However, if you are not including your spouse in that friendship, or you are keeping communication of any nature from them when it is in regards to opposite sex friends, you have crossed a line from innocent to not so innocent. Secrets, lead to lies, and that is a quick way to kill a marriage. Include your spouse in those friendships. Introduce them to the other person, and always include them in meetings, and tell them about conversations. If you can't or don't want to do that...ask yourself why. If this is just a friendship you should have nothing to hide. If you want your marriage to work, and you truly love and respect your spouse, keep friends of the opposite sex at a distance. Shouldn't your spouse come first, always?

Who is your mothers next of kin to your mother when she is sick?

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