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If he truly is unfit, then list instances where he has abused the children or is unable to take care of them. If you are just trying to get custody and need to lie in order to do that, then the truth will come out in court - it always does and judges are very good at detecting lies. * The legally preferred method and the safest for the parent wishing to take such action is to request the state's department of family services or child protective services to do an investigation. Please be advised that once an investigation has been implemented it can be applicable to both parents especially if the alledgedly abusive parent request a like action.

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Q: How do you prove a father unfit?
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Your ex husband arrested for a DUI with your child in the car Why would the courts say there is not enough evidence to prove he is an unfit father?

it takes more than one example to prove someone is unfit.

Can a father gain custody even if his name is not on the birth certificate?


How hard would it be for a father who didnt sign the birth certificate and wouldn't take bllod test to get child from mother?

very hard first u have 2 prove your the father then prove your a better parent or she unfit (brittnay spears)

Marrying and prooved unfit father by state?

can you marry an unfit father by the state if you have kids in the state of illinois?

Can a mother get in trouble for refusing to let her child around the child's father if he is an unfit parent?

If there is joint custody of the child and the mother refuses to obey the law set at that time then yes, she can get into trouble. However, she has the choice only if she can prove that the father is unfit for his child to be around him by going into court.

If the father wants to leave the mother can he take the child with him?

A father can take his child with him if he can prove that the mother is unstable or unfit to care for the child. Also, the mother can give him her permission to take the child.

Is there a way to avoid the father of a child filing a motion to see the child?

If he has been established as the biological father you can not stop him from petition for visitation. That is his right as a parent. If he somehow is unfit you will have to prove that to the court.

If your undreage and the father is of age can any one keep you from the child?

Only if you prove to be an "unfit" or bad parent. The parent that is an adult has not more rights to the child because they are an adult and you are not.

How do you prove a woman unfit in Colorado?

Through evidence. see link

How can you terminate the fathers parental rights in Wisconsin?

prove in court that he is unfit

How do you get soul custody of child?

To get soul custody of your children you must prove the other parent is unfit. If they have any addictions, proving they are unfit will not be hard.

How can you prove a father to be unfit?

Through the preponderance of accurate and TRUE evidence. If there's is a justifiable reason for this, the judge will see it. But, even a bad dad is better than no father at all, even if it requires supervised visitation. see link

How do you prove a parent is unfit in a child support case?

Not an issue to be raised in this context.

How can you prove someone unfit?

prove they have mental health problems wich restrict them from taken part in everday life prove they are on drugs or abusive or dont care

How can a person prove that a parent is unfit?

A person can be proven unfit by proving the person is using drugs, abusing a child, and pictures of abuse or a filthy home.

Can a teenaged father get full custody of baby before its born after its born?

if you can prove she is an unfit mother and you have the income to support a child but even then if she is under 18 i think her parents could get custody

When would one parent get sole custody of children?

If you are a father. You must prove the mother unfit, drugs, abuse, prison record, etc... IF you are a mother, depending on the state you live in they would allow soul custody because you are the mother. If the father is unfit and you live in Utah and/or California where they are for the father as well and want to do joint custody in most of those two states, the father must pretty much be unfit such as abuse, drugs and/or prison record for the mother to get full custody. That is pretty much when the only time I have known any parent to get full custody of their children.

What makes a father unfit?

If the father is doing drugs or drinks a lot. Also, if the father does nothing for the child. Being abusive can also count as unfit. Any of these would work. I'm sure there's a lot more.

Can a father take a newborn from its mother?

NO. only if the mother is unfit.

What do you do if your girlfriend mom try to take her baby away because she thinks she should be with the baby father and trys to prove your girlfriend as unfit?

weel her mom sounds like a catholic to me. well there is nothing you can do. but your girlfriend could get a restraining order. your girlfriend needs to make shore she is doing everything that she needs to be as a parent and if she's not dss will find out. ok and the her mom could try to get grandparents rights as well. you need to be aware of that also. her mother can't prove she is unfit if there is no evidence of her being an unfit parent.

How do you prove a cheating wife an unfit mother?

A cheating wife is not necessarily an unfit mother, unless she is not looking after the children properly and that fact isn't only the purview of a cheating wife.

Does a mother have the right to keep her baby away from the father if he is unfit and his name isn't on the birth certificate what does he have to do to get rights and what do I do to keep him away?

Grant him supervised visitation. Your interpretation of unfit may be bias, and a fatherless child always does worse than one with an unfit father. see link

What if you can prove that the father is a unfit parent can you take your child abroad?

If you are married and are military, you may take your child where you are set to be stationed with out proving he is unfit. We move to japan this summer, and my daughter's father has no rights to her anyways so we don't even have to bother with telling him. But, if you are not married there can be all kinds of problems. Other than that, you must consult your lawyer if he pays any kind if child support. Good luck!

Can you get your children if your wife is caught cheating?

That has nothing to do with the children. You have to prove she is an unfit mother and that she is unable to care for the kids.

Can your mother take your daughter from you?

yes she can if she prove s to law enforcement that you are unfit and then files for temporary guardianship.