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remove the caliper, pads and mounts. There is a set screw in the face of the rotor, remove this. Thread in a bolt of same thread size and tighten until rotor pops off hub. The rotor will fall off the hub. A light tap of a hammer on the rotor in a circular pattern, should produce similar results if you don't a bolt.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-30 15:36:14
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Q: How do you pull the rears rotors off a 2002 C240?
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How do you change front rotors on 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

Pull the tires off and take the brake calipers off and the rotors will pull off.

How do you change rotors on a 2000 tundra?

take off calipers and pull the rotors off the hub

How to replace rotors on a 2002 Celica?

pull the wheels .. pull the calipers remove the old pads ..push in the cylender with a c clamp put it all back together real easy stuff to do anyone can do it

How do you remove back seat on 2002 Mercedes c240?

Thier is two plastic tabs on either side of seat u need to unscrew them to unlock them. then just pull up to release lock.

How to replace front brake rotors on 2003 Chevy Malibu?

take the wheels off, unbolt the brake calipers and the pull them off and now you can just pull the rotors off.

How do you change rear rotors on a 1994 Firebird Trans AM?

pull the calipers off. there might be a small washer on one or two of the studs. if there is pull those off and the rotors will come right off.

How do you replace front rotors on a 2008 Honda accord?

pull off the front wheels. remove the calipers. remove the two screws that hold on the rotors. replace the rotors and reverse the procedure.

How do you change rear rotors on a 2002 GMC Sierra 4x4?

take the tires off, then take the break calipers off, then u have to take off the caliper brakets there 2 stubborn bols on the back side, then u should be able to pull the rotors, there may be some of thes annying clips an the studs u have to pull off with a screwdriver or plyers

How do you change rotors on a 1991 accord?

remove tire calipers brake assembly then pull your rotors off i would recomend putting new brake pads if your putting new rotors you will need a special puller for the rotors cause they are pressed on

How to change rear rotors on 2001 jetta?

To change rear rotors on a 2001 Jetta, raise the vehicle with a jack. Then remove the wheel and the calipers. Finally, pull of the rear rotors.?æ?æ

How do you remove the rear rotors on an 1986 iroc?

Remove rear calipers and pull. That simple.

What size sockets do you need to replace the brake pads and rotors on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

Lug nuts to remove wheels 3/4" socket, bolts to remove the calipers 18mm, then pull rotor off.

How do you change front rotors on 1998 Dodge Stratus what size socket to remove if not free floating?

They are free floating rotors , Remove the caliper and the rotors should pull off. If not they may be gaulded on and you will need to use a hammer to help them off

How do you remove front rotors on a 4 wheel drive Ford Ranger?

you have to pull the locking hubs off, lay a clean towel out and lay everything in the order you pull it out as there are several keepers and snap rings then you will have to use an axle nut socket and pull a big nut out, then the outer bearing. you will have to get new seals with your rotors and repack the bearings

How do you replace rotors on 1997 GMC suburban 4x4?

take off brakes pull roter off.

How do you replace the rear rotors on a 1997 Explorer?

Remove the rear wheels, then the calipers and simply pull the rotors off. If the parking brakd is on the caliper you need a special tool ot retract the caliper.

Do the front rotors on a 2000 suzuki grand vitara pull right off or do you have to remove any of the bolts under the dust cover?

i have an '02 xl-7 the rotors come right off

How do you replace the speakers in a 2002 C240 Does the Grille pop off or does it require taking the door panels off?

yeas you have to take the door panels off theres a screw behind the srs air bag tag and two in the handle then you pull the sides and bottem out and the pop off the tweeter cover and pull the door pannel up and disconnect the door lever cable and wires...

How do you remove the back rotors from a 2002 Chevy Blazer?

First you loosen lug nuts, then jack up your blazer then pull off your tires then the rotor should slip right off, but be sure your e-brake is not on or brakes engaged in anyway.

How do you change rear rotors on explorer 2002 4x4?

Pretty simple, Remove the tires, remove the break caliper, pull off the rotor and replace. You should use new break pads when ever changing the rotor on any car.

Why does your truck pull to the left when braking?

Brakepads or rotors need work; take to shop ASAP to diagnose and repair.

How do you change the rotors on a Chevy Tahoe?

Take off the tire, remove the brake caliper, and pull off the rotor.

How do you remove rear rotors of a 96 Camry?

Remove the cotter pin/nut in center & they pull straight off.

How to remove front rotors on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

On 2005 and up you will need to remove the axle nut to pull the rotor.

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