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slip it over their head and then fasten it in under its belly

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2011-06-22 14:49:14
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Q: How do you put a ferrets harness on?
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Which is the best ferret harness?

I would suggest a harness that has snaps. If you have your ferret on a harness that has velcro, and no snaps or buckles, it is very easy for for your ferret to slip out of it. I would also not use a harness that is made specifically for ferrets, but if you want to you can, but for my ferrets I used a sorta generic harness for small critters.

Can you take ferrets for walks on leads?

Yes, you can take ferrets for walks on a lead, make sure you have a harness (two fittings - around the neck and around the body) and that it is secure, they can easily slip out if it's too loose. Many people take their ferrets on walks. Use a leash and harness made for ferrets. Just make sure your ferret is up to date on vaccines. And be aware of other large animals near the ferret, instincts may cause them to perceive ferrets as food

Can you put dog flea collars on ferrets?


Does CA let you have ferrets?

No. Ferrets are illegal in California. If you are found with a ferret, it will be confiscated, put to sleep, and you will be fined.

Should you put hay under ferrets?

no you should not.

What is an example of a sentence using the word harness?

I put the harness on the horse.

Your dog is scared of a leash what should you do?

sit on him/her and put a harness on him/her and grab the harness and put a leash on it and walk the dog

Do ferrets swim?

if i were you i wouldnt try to put my ferret in a pool

Can you put a harness on your lizard?


Can you put ferrets and iguanas together?

no, the ferret will eat your iguana for sure.

How you put a horness on a horse?

did you mean harness?

Can a ferret choke on its harness?

If you put a harness on your ferret to tight, then they can choke. you mostly wont have to worry about it.

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