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To adjust the high/low beams on a VW Rabbit pull the turn signal arm toward the driver. To return, pull the lever again.

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Car headlights must be used from?

You can put your dim lights on as soon as it gets a little bit dark, when it gets darker you can change to full beam.

How do I put Ford Fiesta headlights onto main beam?

pull the indicator stick towards you normally

Why do your hi beam headlights go off while driving?

I had a problem with my headlights going off, not the high beams. Replaced the rectangular silver can thingy at the fuse panel under the dash on the drivers side. I put a higher rated one in, which is a no no, but it solved the problem of the headlights going out.

Where is the electronic fuel pump in a 1976 volkswagen beetle?

Passenger side front, behind torsion beam on the back of the passenger side footwell (where you put your feet inside)

How do you fix dim headlights on 2002 impala?

i have two problems my dim headlights will not come on.and when go to put in gas it will flow back word make it seem like the car is full.

You have an 89 bonnevile just recently headlights are inop got park rear tail high beam you have found no fuse for the headlights you just recently put in a set of silver star ultra 9006 bulbs from?

There is no fuse for the headlights. There is a circiut breaker built into the light switch which should automaticly reset. My need to replace light switch. (about $120 for switch )

Which oil do you put in a VW Beetle?

1998 vw beetle what type of oil

Where is the fog light switch on a 2007 mercury mountaineer?

What I do is put my headlights on ( low beam ) and pull the headlight control towards me to turn on the fog lights ( push the control in to turn off the fog lights )

Can you put a new beetle body on an old beetle chassis?

No, they're completely different.

Why did both the headlights on your car go out?

if both headlights went put it is probably a blown fuse

What is the difference between inverted beam and drop beam?

An inverted beam is a beam whose bottom is the same as the slab. A drop beam is a beam that is put under the structural member it supports.

How do you turn on your fog lights on your 2005 Ford Mustang?

On a 2005 Ford Mustang : Either put your park lights or your low beam headlights on and then pull the headlight control out towards you to turn on the factory fog lights

What happens to a beam of light when you put it through a con cave lens?

Alot happens when you put a lense into a beam of light.

How do you calculate the required thickness for the flanges of a steel I-beam?

put it in water

What was the original sticker price of a 1964 volkswagen Super Beetle?

The super beetle was not put into production until 1971, there is no such vehicle as a 1964 super beetle.

Can you put a new beetle body on an old beetle chassis this is a test?

You can not. The two cars are completely different...the New Beetle has the engine at the wrong end. The New Beetle is bigger than the Old.

Can you put xenon headlights in a 2006 Acura MDX?


What is the difference between low beam and high beam headlights?

Meaning of the terms low beam and high beam headlightsThe terms relate to the angle of the center line of the light beams in relation to the horizontal. For safe driving at night, the farther down the road one can see, the safer driving is. So, they put high beams [beam center line about horizontal / parallel to the road surface] on vehicles to all seeing farther down the road. BUT...Because high beams will blind an oncoming driver, and thus make for a very unsafe condition, they also put low beam lights, which allow a driver to "dip" / lower the angle of his lights so as not to "blind" the driver of an approaching vehicle.The high intensity zone of the low beam headlights is offset downward and rightward between 1/2° and 3° relative to straight-ahead (in a country where traffic flows on the left side of the road, low beams are offset downward and leftward). This means seeing distance on low beam is geometrically limited, for the offset means the top of the beam strikes the roadway and/or the high-intensity zone intersects the edge of the road at a certain distance from the car. Not only is it very impolite to not "dim" or dip your hi-beams for the driver of an oncoming vehicle, it is very dangerous for all concerned.

What kind of antifreeze do you put in a beetle?

If it is a new beetle you use G12 mixed half and half with distilled water.

How do you insure your headlights work?

Stop the car in a safe place at night. Put the car into neutral and apply the handbrake. Switch on the headlights. Get out of the car and look to see that the headlights are working.

How to improve 1973 beetle headlights?

If the car is running with 12 volts, you may want to buy new headlights. New bulbs on 12 volts are plenty bright. Before you put in new headlamps, clean up the contacts that they fit onto to make sure you are getting a good clean connection, and you aren't losing any power to a dirty connection.

What is the strap beam?

A strap beam is a beam that connects two foundation footings toghether (needs structural study to see whether to put a STB or not)...

Where on a 1991 ford probe lx would the switch to put the headlights up and down be?

The headlights go up and down when you turn the headlights on. If they are not going up or down they may be disconnected from the motor. You would have to take the headlights out to see if they are disconnected or not.

What are the widest wheels you can put on a stock 1974 vw beetle?

I run 205 x 45 x 17 inch tyres on my bug with no spacers, you do not get the full steering lock and they just slip under the wings on full suspension travel.

Why does your clockradio light switch off when the headlights are put on?

They as designed to "dim" when headlights are on to reduce "glare" try adjusting dash dimmer switch