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you can't


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just bought one from bike shop, it was already assembled, they put it on scale it wieghed 27lbs with front and back pegs

im pretty sure 14mm i have the same bike

Yes, pegs can be put on any BMX Bike. You will need a socket wrench to put pegs on certain bikes how ever.


You need a fitting socket, a socket wrench and an extender. Anyone who works on his own car will have a set.

Unbolt wheel nuts, put on pegs in their place using an extender and a socket wrench.

Top of the line would be Haro Sunday fly. (for racing do NOT get pegs you well eat the dirt) naw those are not cheap best haro will be up to $600 dollars that is PRO bikes hope you use this and pleas respond thank you

Unbolt wheel nuts, slip pegs on. Put wheel nuts back on using a socket, a socket wrench and an extender. Some stunt pegs screw on just like wheel nuts.

you have to go to the gift shop and raise the gift shop up with the balloon on the side and put the net from the lighthouse under it and put the pegs on it and hammer them

Probably a 15mm to take off the axle nuts, but it depends on your pegs, and your axles.

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Use a socket wrench to unscrew the pegs then once they are off, put all the parts back the way you found them.

put the balloons on top of the gift shopput the net underneathtake out the pegs and place them on the gift shophammer the pegs in place

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