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Q: How do you put semicircle in a sentence?
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How do you put semicircle in scentence?

The cross section of the Ram hemi is a semicircle

What is a sentence using semicircle?

Ik heb geplantde bloemenin een halve cirkel.(I planted the flowers in a semicircle.)

What is a good sentence for the word semicircle?

you will get a good idea

How do you use the word semicircle in a sentence?

John drew a semicircle on his page with his compass in math class. Drew turned in a semicircle and struck hard with the stick in the general direction of the pinata.

A sentence with the word semiclrule?

We sat in a semicircle around the fireplace.

How do find the circumference of a recttangle and semicircle put together?

If the semicircle is placed on 1 side of the rectangle:Find the total perimeter(circumference) of the side opposite to the one with the semicircle's base and the 2 sides perpendicular to the semicircle's base.The formula for circumference of a circle is 2πr.Thus for the semicircle we will take the circumference as πr.Find the sum of 1st and 2nd points. This is the final answer.

How can you use apse in a sentence?

AnswerThe semicircle shapes in the domes of the churches are known as apse

Is a semicircle a quadrilateral?

No, a semicircle is not a quadrilateral

Is rainbow a semicircle or a circle?


What is the possessive of semicircle?

The possessive form is semicircle's.

Can you give me a sentence with the word semicircle?

The orange slices were shaped like semicircles, but the peels became arches when I ate them.

How do you calculate the radius of s semicircle?

Calculating the radius of a semicircle depends on what information about the semicircle is given.