How do you read O on a graphic fractional scale?

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Graphic and fractional scales are two different things. A graphic scale on a map is a line marked with the lengths which represent real distances. It has a zero at one end. A fractional scale simply gives the ratio between map and real distances, e.g. 1: 10 000, so zero doesn't come into it.
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What is the highest reading on the Richter scale of an earthquake?

The Richter scale has no upper and lower values, although in practical terms the lowest magnitude earthquakes that are capable of being recorded have a Richter magnitude of -3 (the minus numbers occur because Charles Richter chose an arbitrary seismic wave amplitude to equal a magnitude of 1 and sei ( Full Answer )

At what temperature will a reading on the Kelvin scale be three times the reading on the Fahrenheit scale?

At the approximate temperature 104.47 °F (313.41 K). . Calculating First, take the conversion formula K = (F + 459.67)*5/9 . and make equation, which suits to our purposes. F*3 = (F + 459.67)*5/9 . solve the equation . F*3 = F*5/9 + 255.37 F*3 - F*5/9 = 255.37 F*(27 - 5) = 2298.33 F = 104.4 ( Full Answer )

How do you read a balance scale?

There are a couple different types of balance scales. For a triplebeam balance, balance the scale, place item in the pan, move thesliders starting with the largest, adjust weight to zero, and addthe riders for the total weight. For a one-pan scale, place item inone pan, estimate, place mass on free ( Full Answer )

How do you read a pound on a deli scale?

I think those indicate to a precision of a couple of decimalplaces, and then even calculate the price and print out a sticky label for theproduct container. So the whole-number pounds are the number before the decimal point.

Differentiate between main scale reading and vernier scale reading?

main scale is the least accurate reading on the device. the vernier scale uses an offset of divions that only allows one "line" or division to line up with the scale below. This scale is more accurate than the main scale. for example, the main scale may produce an accuracy of 0.125 of and inch plus ( Full Answer )

How do you read a micrometer caliber scale?

.000345 that is just simple math right of the point the places start 10th 100th 1000th and so on read away. okay, but, how did you determine the .00345? In other words, hwo do you read the caliber? How did you egt those numbers?

How do you read a scale?

That depends on which scale it is you are looking at. It could be that an arrow lines up with a number: that is the reading.

How to read ounces on a digital scale?

You read ounces on a digital scale, by reading what is after thedecimal point. Any numbers after the decimal point are ounces.

How do you read a triple beam balance scale?

Make sure the weights on the hundreds, tens, and ones places are in the notch and a number is showing in the little window. Add these together. Then look at the scale with the slider. It is numbered in tenths of a gram. The little tick marks are hundredths of a gram. Count the tenths and add that ( Full Answer )

How do you read a graphic novel?

You read a graphic novel in the same way you would any book or novel - one page at a time, from let to right. The difference between an illustrated graphic novel and a written work is that in graphic novels a lot of description is inferred from the illustrations, rather than written. One comic panel ( Full Answer )

What is a graphic scale?

(mapping) A graduated line that indicates the length of miles or kilometers as they appear on a map; the line has the advantage of remaining true after the map is enlarged or reduced in reproduction. Also known as bar scale. .

How do you read a metric scale?

Exactly the way you read any other scale. Remember metric is based on ten, so if you have a ruler, a quarter of the way between 2 and 3 is not 2 1 / 4 " but 2.25 (cm)

How do you read a weight and height scale?

i am not sure i know what you are asking? do you mean the scale like you find a a doctors office? If so, measure height by extending the ruler up higher than the person you are measuring. Have the person stand with their back to the ruler, lower the ruler until the flat part is sitting on top of the ( Full Answer )

How to read log scale?

Log scales have there scales exponentially written. They are used to provide a detailed line for smaller values when on a normal graph this would be hard to see as they are too small. Most Log Scales use base 10, so this tutorial is for that. If your log scale uses a different base (it will not be s ( Full Answer )

How do you read the pH scale?

The pH scale is made up of 3 parts: . Acidic . Basic . Neutral These 3 parts are represented on the scale in different points. The scale is like this: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 A substance with pH between 1-7 is Acidic and on a universal indicator it comes up as the colour red ( Full Answer )

How do you find the scale factor of fraction?

Ok sooo you first put the scale number over the actual number then u ( if needed) covert to the same kind of measurement thennn you put the outcome over the scale again and you simplify........

Does a bathroom scale read force?

yes a scale reads a force. called the normal force which on a flat surface equals your mass times gravity

Does a weight scale read force or pressure?

Force....pressure=force/area, so if you transferred to one foot on the scale it would read half your weight, but that is not the case because it reads force so on one foot the reading is the same

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a graphic rating scale?

Advantages of the rating scales Graphic rating scales are less time consuming to develop. They also allow for quantitative comparison Many organizations use graphic rating scales because they are easy to use and cost little to develop. HR professionals can develop such forms quickly Disadvantag ( Full Answer )

How do you read map scales?

On the map will be the information needed. It will say something like "2" equals 100 miles" It will also show you the measurement it is incorporating, a line that equals 2". It used to be called the "key". You will measure out 2" on the map and it will equal 100 miles. 2 is only an example. See link ( Full Answer )

How do you read deli scales in ounces?

There are sixteen ounces in a pound, by American weight. If the deli scale shows, for example, 1.25, that means that the 1 means one pound, and the .25 means a quarter of a pound (use your knowledge of decimal math: .25 = quarter, or 25%, .5 = half, or 50 %, etc.) If you need to know the total oun ( Full Answer )

How do you read the vernier scale?

Find the marks that line up exactly (or as exactly as possible and then interpolate). see the Sources and related links below for a page and a video explaining in detail.

What was the highest reading on the Richter scale ever?

The highest recorded reading so far on the Richter Scale was 9.5 for an earthquake in Chile in 1960. In prehistoric times, it is calculated that the chunk of material from outer space that hit the Yucatan Peninsula, possibly dooming the dinosaurs, would have caused a reading of 12.55 on the Richt ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of fractional scale?

A fractional scale is a way that map makers tell you what distances on the map represent in real life. It does not use any units, so the scale might state 1:100000 [or 1/100000] which means that 1 unit on the map represents 100000 units in the real world. For example if you measure off 1 cm on the m ( Full Answer )

How do you draw a graphic scale?

A graphic scale allows whoever is viewing the document or image to get an understanding of how large the image is. To accomplish this, you want to draw the scale with exponentially increasing increments, so that the viewer can easily compare the scale increments to the image displayed. For examp ( Full Answer )

What happens when a graphics is scaled?

When a graphic is scaled, the size of your graphic changes, however the proportion remains the same. You can do this by using the corner handles. I had the exact same question in my homework. Hope this helps!

Where can you read graphic novels for free?

You can download comics on They have a community library. They are pretty cool about it and have a lot of stuff. If you ask them for something, they will probably have it..

How do you read a doctor's scale?

To read a beam scale like the ones at the doctor's office, you start by making sure the scale is zeroed. The beam pointer must rest at the center mark with no weight on the platform. If the device is not zeroed, make sure the large and small sliding poises (weights) are at their zero position all th ( Full Answer )

How do you read weight scale?

when the thing you are manipulating in the weighing scale becomes balanced, and that's the time you can tell the exact weight of an object or people.. =)

Is map scale and graphic scale same?

A graphic scale is one type of map scale, which tells you how distance on the map compares to the actual distance across the land. Graphic scales show the scale as a line or a bar with the distance markings on them. Other types of map scales include numeric (such as 1:24,000 means one inch on the m ( Full Answer )

What do you do when scaling up fraction?

when you scale a fraction up you have to multiply by a number that will get the denominator to the same number. But what you do to the bottom you must do to the top.

Why do you read the time scale starting at the bottom?

We read the Geologic timescale from the bottom to the top because, that is the same way geologists and paleontologists had found the older fossils. The older fossils lay at the bottom, and the more younger ones, near the top.

How do you read an academic grading scale?

Here is part of an academic grading scale: A = 94-100% A- = 90-93 % B+ = 87-89 % If your percentage is 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, or 100, or any fractions between, like 94.001, then your grade on this grading scale is an "A." The difficult part of reading such a scale is knowing what th ( Full Answer )

Where can you read about the Richter scale?

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has a good description of the Richter scale, which is taken from a government publication called 'The Severity of an Earthquake'. For general info howstuffworks and wikipedia also have good information.

What are the main scale and vernier scale readings?

Vernier scale consists of main scale and vernier scale. The first line or the zeroth line coinciding with the main scale reading is the main scale reading. The vernier line except zeroth line coinciding with any line on main scale is the main scale reading.

How do you read a map using a scale?

A map with a scale of 1:50 000 means that 1 cm on the maprepresents 50,000 cm on the ground. Knowing the scale allowsdistance to be measured.

What is definition of scaling in computer graphics?

In computer graphics, image scaling is the process of resizing adigital image. Scaling is a non-trivial process that involves atrade-off between efficiency, smoothness and sharpness. With bitmapgraphics, as the size of an image is reduced or enlarged, thepixels which comprise the image become increa ( Full Answer )