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To read hieroglyphics, you need to understand the symbols and what they represent. Hieroglyphics are a combination of phonetic signs, ideograms, and determinatives. It helps to use resources like dictionaries or guides to translate and decipher the symbols. Practice and familiarity with the script will also improve your ability to read hieroglyphics.

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Q: How do you read hyrogliphics?
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Picture writing used by ancient egyptians?


How were hyrogliphics created?

they were probably made like the abcs

What made the Egyptian calendar difficult to use?

it was written in hyrogliphics

How did scribes teach the hyrogliphics?

Once upon a time the archeologists found a stone called the Rosetta stone. On the stone there was a text written in 3 different languages including Acient Greek, another one, and the Hyrogliphics. And by then they were already able of decrypting the ancient Greek and because of the fact that it was the same text they were able to know the meaning of the hyrogliphics.

What made the Egyptian lunar calendar difficult to use?

it was written in hyrogliphics

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In ancient Egypt writing was called?

Hyrogliphics is the earliest form of writing by the Egyptians.

What is a letter called in Ancient Egypt?

* those would be called hyrogliphics * Hieroglyphic * Hiertic * Demotic

What did the Egyptians invent that you enjoy today?

The Ancient Egyptians invented beer.

What is the word for Egyptian writing where pictorial symbols were used?

they are called called hieroglyphics.

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3rd island of of gyser plains there is a big creepy door (with the big floating blue feet) you need all of the hyrogliphics to get in though