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I found my own answer on your web site. The answer is to press the "trip and reset" buttons at same time and then turn on the ignition switch to the run position and hold for 5 seconds and then press trip button.I also found fault codes I think.

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Q: How do you read out the fault codes on a 1999 Grand Voyager and where do you find identification of same?
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Where do you view fault codes on your 2001 Chrysler grand voyager?

They are viewed with a scan tool.

Why would the service engine soon light go on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

You may have an electrical fault code. Have the codes read by a service tech.

What are codes P0700 and P1714 on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan?

P0700 indicates a fault in the Transmission control system. -My list does not show any 17- - codes for this car

How do I find the fault codes manually on a 2002 dodge grand caravan if my malfunction indicator light stays on constantly and does not blink?

Go to Auto Zone and they can read your fault codes free. Might indicate a bad or not properly tightened gas cap, bad gas or emissions valve fault.

How do you read the fault codes on a n16 pulsar?

1996 nissan pulsar fault codes

Fault code p 1080 what is it?

basically, p 1080 is a fault code that faults many codes, it faults codes that is a code for a fault, when you get a faulty code you need to un fault it with a code called p 1080, which is a fault code that measures fault codes!

What does error codes p0732 p0734 and p0715 p0700 mean on a 1997 grand voyager?

My Chilton repair manual ( up to 1999 ) shows all 3 as a manual transmission fault , and DTC codes shows : P0732 gear 2 incorrect ratio / P0735 gear 5 incorrect ratio / P0775 Pressure Control Solenoid B Malfunction

What are the computer fault codes I have A reader but lost the book?

I need to know the computer fault codes I need numbered bios codes and not bleep codes

Electric door fault on Chrysler grand voyager?

2001 grand voyager passenger drivers side door, pops but nothing else. I have had both doors apart and swapped everything other to check it works and it does. I have had the wiring loom out and checked for broken wires and nothing, You will need a scan tool that is capable of communication with the sliding door computer. You need to know what fault code is setting when the door stops moving.

What ia a Code 11 on a Plymouth Voyager 2.4?

11 means begining code readout. This starts all readouts. 55 is end of readout. Other fault code readouts flash in between these two codes. 11 means begining code readout. This starts all readouts. 55 is end of readout. Fault code readouts flash in between these two codes.

What does the fault codes 12 and 41 mean on a 1993 Plymouth voyager with an 3.0 motor and how can you fix the problem This has my check engine then battery dies?

fault code 12 is that the battery has been diconected within the last 50 key-on cycles. fault code 41 is bad alternator. an open orshorted condition detected in the alternator field control circuit. get it in the shop!

What are Ford airbag lamp fault codes?

what are the airbag codes in a ford E350

How do you read the fault codes on 2000 Freightliner FLD 112 with a C12?

Hook up a laptop with the appropriate software to read Cat fault codes.

What are Codes p1494 p1495 voyager 1996?

Trouble code P1494 means: Leak detection pump pressure switch or mechanical fault Trouble code P1495 means: Leak Detection Pump Solenoid Circuit Malfunction

Why does the check engine light go on and off on a 2003 Harley?

Because there's an intermittent issue which needs to be addressed. You need to have the DTCs (fault codes) read to find out which codes you have, what your active codes are, what your inactive codes are, and how many counts of each fault you have.

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What are the rca tv fault codes?

Fault codes are where your tv has an internal problem with power that most likely prevents your tv from coming on.The faults are sometimes read by a processor and generated into blinking lights,or trouble codes

How do you read the fault codes from a 96 F150?

TAke it to auto Zone They will read the codes free.

How do I check fault codes on a VW Golf?

The easiest way to check fault codes is to use an external code reader. Plus the code reader into the slot on the dashboard and run it.

What are fault codes P202C on Mercedes Benz 180k?

mercedes w211 fault code p202c 120 how to repair it?

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What is troublecode 34 mean on a 91 shadow?

Fault 34 meant a battery disconnect had been performed at some point in the past. This fault is normally followed by fault 55 which stands for "end of fault codes"