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How do you recharge the AC in a 1996 Sunfire?


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2015-07-15 21:52:20
2015-07-15 21:52:20

take it to the dealership or a respectable service center and pay through the nose for them to do it.

they refill the system with R-12 (which replaced freon after the hippies had a fit.) this is a very expensive procedure and is illegal for anyone besides a certified tech.

Very true. but they also made r-12 illegal to use in 1994 after tree huggers had a fit. so brush up on your mechanical knowledge. they now use what is called r-134a.

Call a dealer and find out what type of refrigerant your car takes. If they say r12, you need a conversion kit from WalMart to convert it to 134a. If they say 134a, then you only need the recharge kit (-) and just follow the instructions from there.

If you're needing frequent recharges to keep it working then its leaking somewhere. you will have to bring it somewhere that tests a/c and have them leak test it and repair the leak. Then they can pressure test it and recharge it and it should last many more years


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Take it to a garage that services ac. If it needs a recharge it must have a leak in the system.

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Both of these ports are located in the lines coming from the compressor. According to Alldata.

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