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You press the refresh button. LoL

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2011-04-30 19:27:40
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Q: How do you refresh an internet page?
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How do you refresh your Facebook page?

How to refresh my facebook page

What happens when you click refresh?

When browsing the internet it may sometimes be useful to do a page refresh. When clicked the browser reloads the webpage by reaccesing the web server and the page is the "freshly" redisplayed.

Why can you not get your gifts from Farmville?

The game might need an update or refresh the page or restart your internet browser

How you stop a page to refresh in ASPNet?

You can use ajax to prevent refresh the page

What does F5 on your keyboard do?

In most applications it will open the GOTO dialogue box. In Internet explorer it will refresh the page.

How do you refresh your page?

you refresh the page by pressing the f5 or by clicking the two little arrows

How do you refresh a page when its expired?


What does it mean to refresh a page on an internet site?

it means to click a button and get the new items that came while u were reading the refresh button and deciding if u should press it.

What does it mean to refresh a page?

When you refresh a page you are checking to see whether new updates have been made to that page. If you are using a PC, you can simply refresh by pressing CTRL and R together.

How do you unfreeze a webpage?

Refresh - either right-click then Refresh - or at top of page View / Refresh

Looking for a refresh button or icon to refresh page?

The icon to refresh page is located in different places depending on the browser you are using. For Mozilla Firefox, it is located next to the back button, to the left of the address bar. It looks like an incomplete circle with an arrow on one end. For Internet Explorer, it is to the right of the address bar, and looks like two arrows in a circular formation. This is used to refresh, or reload the current page.

What key to use if you want to refresh a page on Google Chrome?

You can refresh the page in many ways in Chrome. The refresh symbol and the F5 key are some of he ways.

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