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How do you register a gun?

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2010-09-13 23:42:39

Prior answers that did not address the question but did enter

into a debate have been removed, due to conflicting


We get questions from several nations, and laws vary from

country to country. In the US, they vary from state to state. It is

not possible to give a "one size fits all" answer to this


In MOST of the US, there is no procedure nor requirement

(despite popular belief) to "register" a firearm with anyone. When

a gun is purchased from a dealer, to comply with Federal law, he

completes a record of that sale that he maintains at his place of

business for 20 years. A very few states may require registration

of a handgun- usually with the state police. You will need to let

us know what state you are asking about, or simply check with your

state police agency.

This does not apply to firearms such as machineguns or bazookas

that are stringently regulated under Federal law. It does not

address carrying a concealed firearm, which requires licensing of

the individual in 47 states.

Debaters may discuss this with me thru my message board.

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