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Q: How do you relate electromagnetic spectrum where do the waves that are commonly called light fall on the spectrum?
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Give some examples of electromagnetic radiation and how the relate to visible light?

Electromagnetic radiation is used in our every day life Learn more with this website electromagnetic radiation | Spectrum, Examples, & Types

How does the microwave relate to science?

Microwaves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum which are not visible to the unaided human eye, hence, without scientific research we would never know that microwaves exist.

How do electromagnetic waves and light years relate?

i dont know i was asking you

How are pinhole cameras and electromagnetic waves relate to each other?

All types of cameras, pinhole and those using optical lenses, use light which is an electromagnetic radiation

How does a gamma ray relate to an electromagnetic ray?

A gamma ray is an electromagnetic ray, and that is how they are related. Electromagnetic rays come in a range (a spectrum) of frequencies. We could also say that they come in a range of wavelengths or energies, too. Gamma rays are produced by nuclear action (changes in atomic nuclii), and they are the electromagnetic rays at the very high end of the frequency range (and the energy range). They have the shortest wavelength, too. Below gamma rays are the X-rays, then below that ultraviolet rays. Below that are the optical or visible frequencies of light, and then below that are the infrared rays or wavelengths. Below infrared are the microwave frequencies, and below that we find "regular" radio waves.

How do you think the lines you observed in the hydrogen emission spectrum relate to the energy of the electrons in a hudrogen atom?

For a detailed explanation on the relation between spectrum lines electron energy check out

How does sunlight and color relate?

Sunlight contains all the colors (wavelengths) in the visible light spectrum. This is evidenced by the colors seen in rainbows.

What is a status cloud?

A status cloud is a list of words that you commonly use or that relate to one particular subject.

What types of waves don't need a medium?

All waves of the EM. spectrum e.g. Radio waves Microwaves Light waves X-rays Gamma rays Cosmic Rays etc. Technically gravity waves and a couple other waves that relate to inter- and extra- atomic bonds

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How does conduction and convection relate?

conduction, heat transport by direct contactconvection, heat transport by mass movement driven by density changes with temperatureradiation, heat transport by electromagnetic radiation