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How do you release belt tension on a 2002 Dodge Ram?


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usally' u put a 15mm or 5/8" wrench on the nut in the middle of the pulley & move the SPRING loaded Pully.IF U aren't sure wich Pulley-WATCH witch pulley Vibrates when the engine is idleing-then turn OFF the engine & replace the Belt.


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you have to put a socket wrench into the hole on the tensioner and pull up on it to release the tension from the belt.

You don't. The serpentine belt tension is automatically maintained by the tensioner pulley, which is an idler pulley located on the passenger side of the system and looks like it doesn't drive anything. If the belt tension is incorrect, the tensioner pulley must be replaced. If the question meant 'how to release tension from the belt' (for removal, etc.), this is done by applying the correct size socket wrench to the tensioner pulley's center nut and rocking the pulley away from the belt.

Release the tension on the belt using the tension pulley. Install new belt. I have a diagram for a 2002 will sent it and more detailed info if you email me at

how do i find the auto tension release for the serpentine belt on a 2004solara

A serpentine belt on an engine is held in place by a pulley that maintains the proper tension on the belt. This pulley can be pulled up to release the tension on the belt. Do not pull the pulley out, but gently up or you'll risk damaging it.

u need to relaese tension on the tension pulley. this is usually done with a long socket wrench handle. when u release tension and remove belt you then release tension on pulley until you have routed new belt . you then move tension pulley again until you can put belt on it, then release pulley and it will automatically provide correct tension

15 mm wrench Put it on the tension pulley and pull to take tension off belt

If it is a drive belt and not a serpentine belt is has no tensioner. You manually adjust the tension by normally adjusting tension by moving the alternator. Loosen to bolts holding the alternator in place and then adjust the tension. Tighten the bolts when the tension is right. If it is serpentine belt if you follow the belt around the the engine you will see the tensioner.

put a wrench on the tensioner pully and pull it to release tension on the belt

You don't. If it has stretched too much for the tensioner pulley to handle, you need a new belt. Or, if the tensioner pulley is not applying correct tension, the tensioner pulley must be replaced.

tenion pulley on serpentine belt will not release on 94 S-10 4 cy. with air

Disconnect bat. Remove wires from back of alt. If serpentine, pull on idler(s) to release belt tension & remove belt. if not, Loosen alt bolt on top & swing to side to remove belt, Remove bolts 6 & 12 o' clock & remove. reverse to install. have fun:)

You don't. The pulley is pretensioned by the manufacturer. If the belt tension is incorrect, the pulley must be replaced.

the idler pully makes the tension. to remove belt you use a wrench push tensioner in a direction that would loosen the belt as if you were trying to tighten or loosen the bolt holding the pulley on. carefull high tension.

Most cars now have a serpentine belt that drive the alternator, water pump, power steering unit, etc. The belt tension pulley is a spring loaded pulley that keeps the proper tension on all these units. It can be moved to release the tension in order to remove the belt.

The belt tensioner is rotated clock wise with a 15 mm wrench or belt tool.

you dont, it has a spring loaded tensioner

how to release serpentine belt tensioner on 1991 C1500 Chevy Silverado?

Serpentine belts have a pulley that is spring loaded. Tension is set automatically when the belt is installed.

Release the tension with tension pulley. Follow belt pattern printed on a sticker under the hood

The timing belt on a Dodge Neon should be replaced every 100,000 miles.

You have to use a 1/2 inch breaker bar and put it in the square hole of the tensioner and turn it to release the tension of the belt.

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