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Q: How do you remove a crease in permanent press fabric?
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How do you refresh a crease in permanent press?

Permanent press clothes are treated with chemicals to maintain a better shape, and obtain less wrinkles. However if you need to refresh a crease in permanent press clothing, the best way to do it, is by placing a plain pillow case over the fabric after lining up your crease on the iron board, the pillow case serves as protection from the direct heat from the iron onto the chemically treated fabric. You may also set the iron on the permanent press setting, however depending on the fabric, with out the protection the direct heat may still do some damage to the fabric.

Is permanent press fabric ang suspension?

is permanent press fabric an element

How do you remove crease marks from a hem?

If you are letting out a hem, and need to remove the crease, there are a few things you can use to try to remove the crease mark:hot iron with steam (depending on the fabric)starch spray, then ironmix vinegar and water, and spritz, then ironIn many cases, you may not be able to fully remove the crease. Garments are made in factories, with industrial machines to sew and press. Once you have a hem of any kind, you may still see the crease.

Which one is not a homogeneous mixture A permanent press fabric B Glue C Vinegar D Gelatin?

a permanent press fabric

Who invented permanent-press fabric?


Is permanent press fabric homogeneous?

no its a heterogeneous

What is a permanent press?

A permanent press is a fabric that has been chemically processed to resist wrinkling and to hold it's shape.

What are examples of permanent press?

Permanent press fabric is often used for men's shirts. They can become wrinkled, but a few minutes in the dryer usually irons it out.

Which is not a homogeneous mixture a. permanent-press fabric b. glue c. vinegar d. gelatin?


What new inventions came out in 1964?

Computer mouse,,, acrylic paint,,,, permanent press fabric,,, miniskirts

Is wool a good fabric for retaining pleats in a fabric skirt around a chair?

Wool holds a pressed crease well, especially if steam pressed and then cooled while pressed, but in a humid environment the moisture in the air will allow the wool to soften, reducing the crispness of the press.

What inventions were created in 1960?

The Halogen Lamp, Audio Cassette, Space War, Video Disc, Permanent Press Fabric. There are some more on the internet.