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Don't use rubbing alcohol ever on a piercing. It can cause major infections, and is not good for piercings at all. The best thing to do is use some Dial soap in the shower. Your skin will be looser, and more relaxed. Put some soap on both ends of the nose stud, and pull it out. It will make your eyes water for a second, but its okay once it's done.

I´ve done this several times before, just take a long warm shower, then wash the piercing gently, if you are changing in for another piece of jewerly have it already clean, then twist the stud in both directions to get it loose, then make your nostrils as big and wide open as you can, hold the stud and make your nostrils small this will tale it out at least a little, keep doing it, trying different angles to pull it out. I personally recomend doing it slowly layer by layer.

Other suggestions:

  • First, clean it with rubbing alcohol daily until it's not painful anymore. Second, if it's possible, try tweezers and a mirror. If that's not possible, take a deep breath, grab the stud, scrunch your nose up and PULL. You can't remember pain, so it's all good. If you try that, maybe find a different nose stud after, and clean the piercing before you put anything in it (as well as the next stud).
  • I found that when dealing with piercings that are stuck, KY warming liquid lubes them just enough to get them to pop out. I know it sounds weird, but it works!
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Q: How do you remove a nose stud that is stuck inside and hurts too much to pull out?
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