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There are a number of options in regards to cleaning pet stains. One of the most common remedies offered as a suggestion is to clean the stained area with either vinegar or ammonia. Both are inexpensive household items, and both contain a high enough level of acidity to break down stains. However, vinegar and ammonia are quite possibly the worst things you can use for pet stains. Both vinegar and ammonia contain some of the same chemical compounds found in urine. The scent of these compounds can cause confusion with your dog and increase the likelihood that your pet continues to go to the bathroom in that spot. While vinegar or ammonia make break down the visual stain, they are not breaking down the odor. Instead, they are adding to to. Because of this the probability that your dog will continue to have accidents in that spot.

Another popular suggestion are enzymatic cleaners. These types of cleaners are often hailed as a green solution as they operate on the principal that bacteria released on the stain will naturally combat it by breaking it down. As wonderful as this sounds, the likelihood of enzymes properly working against the pet stain are low. Enzymes are often compared to a lock and key scenario. You can have all the keys in the world, but only the right one will work on a lock. Likewise, only the right enzyme will break down a certain stains. Enzymes are extremely sensitive. The conditions for them to work must be a 100% match. Variables that affect whether an enzyme will be successful include temperature, moisture, and interference from other chemicals previously used. The stain itself can also affect the enzyme. Dog's diets can add variables in the stain that can prevent the enzyme from working. While the enzyme might be able to battle some components of the stain, it often doesn't have the energy to get into the padding. While initially an enzymatic cleaner may seem to be doing good, the odor and stain generally return in a few days. Once again inviting your puppy to sniff out the spot as a bathroom.

To properly put an end to accidents, the area needs to be properly cleaned. The odor needs to be removed as well as the visual stain, as it is the odor that will draw your dog back to that spot. The best way to clean these types of stains is with a surfactant based cleaner like Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is a green cleaner with no harsh chemicals, no enzymes and no ammonia or vinegar. It works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. The best way to clean pet accidents is using a steam cleaner or carpet cleaning machine. This will allow the solution to get below the surface of the carpet to the pad. When a pet has an accident on the carpet, it is important to remember that the stain seeps below the surface and traps the odor in. Cleaning the surface might remove the visual stain, but it does not address the odor trapped below which can be smelt by your dog. It is that smell that will keep them going in that spot. Using Genesis 950 will deodorize the scent and in addition will also kill any germs and bacteria within the carpet and padding. This will remove odor and prevent the growth of bacteria or mildew.

Of course part of puppy training requires regular visits outside. While outside, use that time to help your pet find an area where they can relieve themself. When they have found an area, always take them to that spot and let them take time to smell the area. This will help them establish that area as their bathroom. In doing so, your dog will not be looking for such an area in the home.

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Q: How do you remove a pet feces stain from a grey carpet?
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