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How do you remove a radio from a Chevy Caprice?


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2015-07-15 20:46:07
2015-07-15 20:46:07

The Dash trim should pull right off. It is held in by clips. Radio is screwed into dash via a bracket on the side of the radio. remove them and it should slide right out. If it is a theftlock model becareful because it can get locked out if a code was set up in it. but you can put the code into it to unlock it again if you have it. A lot of times no one even ever set a theftlock code to begin with.

Depending on the year of the car there are different methods. On 91 and up, remove the three screw under the dash lip and the one near the glove box. Remove the panel under the steering wheel, remove the ashtray and drink tray (four 7mm screws) and then carefully pull the whole woodgrained trim piece out. You will need to put the parking brake on and move the shift lever to L to get it out.

Go to a junkyard and learn how on a junker.

the first thing i did was go to the flea market and get a starter kit then remove the glove box and disconect the heater cable this helps alot then pull the


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Begin by removing the decorative cover from your 1990 Chevy Caprice factory radio. Remove the radio retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the radio.

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To remove the radio on a Chevy Caprice, pull of the volume and tuner knobs. Loosen the nut holding the radio in on each spindle. Then disconnect the wires on the back of the radio and pull out by pushing it backwards and reach up under the dash to retrieve it.

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how do you install a aftermarket radio in 1986 caprice

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Remove the cover from your 1986 Chevy Cavalier radio. Remove the radio retaining screws. Slide the radio out and remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable.

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