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Light Carpet AnswerPlace an ice cube on the blue tac until hard then scrape off with a blunt hard item e.g.butter knife.

if this doesn't work use the dark carpet answer but purchase some carpet shampoo to use after hoovering and washing as in some cases it can leave a greasy mark.

Dark Carpet Answer

ANSWER: I swear by White vinegar then gently scrub it our with a brush or hard cloth.

AnswerDab the area with a citrus carpet cleaner (Orange Power, for example) and remove the Blu tack. Rinse the residue, avoiding soaking the carpet. Eucalyptus oil may also help.
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Q: How do you remove blue tack from carpet?
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Another name for a carpet nail?

a carpet tack

How do you remove methylene blue from carpet?

Try sunlight

How do I remove sticky blue-tack from upholstery?

freeze the tack with ice to be able to scrape the most of it off. Mineral oil will remove the rest of it...but watch it, it will stain. Check for colorfastness. Remove the mineral oil with common upholstry cleaner.

Did the Victorians use blue tack?

yes the Victorians did use blue tack from there bumhole

How do you clean blue tack off paint?

Eucalyptus oil will remove most sticky substances from surfaces

How do you clean blue sticky tack off bricks after you remove posters?

Goo Gone works well for that.

A four letter word for carpet nail?

brad <><><> or tack

How do you remove blue tack from shoes?

Try wetting a tissue, rubbing it on the blue tackand then use your fingernail to scratch the remains off. Repeat these steps until surface is clear from blue tack.

Why did the carpet installer quit his job?

Why did the carpet installer quit his job? He just couldn't tack it anymore.

Who invented blue tack?

Austin Carpenter invented blu-tack.

How do you remove sick smell from carpet?

You can either remove your carpet and add a new one, or wash the carpet

How do you lay tack strips on top of laminate flooring?

You don't, if you want your carpet to stay stretched and flat on your floor. You see, laminate flooring is not attached to your floor in any way. It floats. The boards are locked together, but if you pull up on the side of a board, it will detach itself easily. So if you attach tack strips to that laminate and then stretch a carpet over it, the tension of the carpet will very likely pull your laminate up at the edges. To do this the right way, you'll need to remove the laminate flooring (you'll find this VERY easy to do), install tack strips to the subflooring, install carpet pad, and then carpet. It'll stay like it's supposed to.

White shirt with blue stain remove with what?

Have you tried Vanish? If not, try it, because we use it on the carpet and it works!

How do you clean blue sticky tack off a wall after you remove the posters?

WD-40 and a towel, It will dissolve the remaining glue. If it is a large area, use a paint scraper. Lighter fluid, nail polish remover or lighter fluid will also work as well. Aldi's Royale furniture Polish, lemon fresh on bedroom doors to remove old greasy marks left by the yellow tack and blue tack worked perfectly.

On Howrse how do you remove tack?

U cant

How do you make sculptures from blue tack?

with your fingers

Can you lay carpet on laminate flooring?

yes you can it makes no difference {edit:} IF you are gluing the carpet to the laminate. But if you plan to install tack strip and stretch the carpet, you risk the tension of the carpet pulling up laminate boards at the edges.

How do you smooth out a ruffled carpet?

can I remove a ruffles in a carpet

How do you remove blackcurrant juice from a carpet?

Tear up the carpet throw it away this will remove the stain

How do you get blue-tack marks off painted walls?

If you roll up a ball of blue tack and rub it against the blue tack on the wall it comes off easily. Or, if like me you don't have any fresh blue tack available, I used blue painters tape. I got as much off the wall as I could by hand, and then placed the blue painters tape over the spots and pressed it into the orange-peel texture as much as possible, then peeled off the tape with the remaining blue-tack stuck to the tape. Do this a couple of times over each spot until clean.

How do you remove pet urine smells from carpet?

carpet cleansers

How much does it cost to remove carpet?

It depends on how big the carpet is.

mold from wool carpet?

remove mold from wool carpet

How do you put pictures on your white board?

with blue tack :)

What is blue tack made from?

look on back of pack

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