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Should be able to unbolt latch mechanism and remove--lock should be held in place by a removable clip

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Q: How do you remove cylinder lock from trunk of a olds cutlas supreme?
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How do you remove the trunk lock cylinder from a 1993 lebaron GTC convertible?

Show removel of trunk lock 1993 chrysler lebaron

How do you remove the lock out of your car trunk?

On the inside of your trunk lid locate the lockcylinder. There is a thin metal retainer which holds the cylinder in place, it has a small tab sticking out. Pull the retainer out and the cylinder will slide out .

How do you replace trunk lock for 1995 Chevy cavalier?

* Remove the trunk lid latch * Detach the lock release box from the latch assembly * To detach the lock cylinder from the trunk lid pry off the retainer

Where is the trunk button in a 1992 Olds Cutlas?

left of drivers seat on floor center of dash glove box or center console if equipped with electronic trunk release some cars still arent

How do you open the trunk on a 1997 intreped when the button is broke?

Use the key in the cylinder in the trunk.

Where do you cut the hole in a 1992 cutlass supreme trunk to access the fuel pump?

You don't as that is far too dangerous. Drop the fuel tank to remove the pump.

How do you change the battery Saturn Ion 3?

The battery is in the trunk under the trunk liner, simply remove the trunk liner, remove the hold down and cables and replace...

What happens to a tree when you remove a strip of bark around the trunk?

When you remove a strip of bark around the trunk of a tree, it dies because the sap can't go up the trunk.

Where is the trunk button in the 1995 cutlass supreme?

it probably doesn't have 1993 doesn't My 1995 Olds Cutless Supreme SL 3.1L has a yellow trunk button in the glove box.

Where is the Convertible Hydraulic Cylinder located on a SL 500?

Can be reached from the trunk

How do you unlock a Chevy lumina trunk without the key?

you can either take a hammer to it and wack it until it opens. remove door lock cylinder from one of the doors and take it to the lock smith and get a key cut. or my personal way of doing it, you can remove the back seat crawl into the trunk and use a flat head screwdriver to open lock.

Where is the fuel filter located on 2002 Mazda malinia 2.5 v6?

It is in the trunk. You have to remove the you trunk carpeting and it will reveal a silver plate.. Remove that and there is your filter.

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