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How do you remove dash panel 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee to change panel light dimmer switch?



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I just did this job as my dash cluster lights were dimming and brightening while driving. When I pushed on the dimmer-slider, the lights worked correctly, but when I let go, they would flicker again. I obtained the part from Mopar for my Grand Cherokee Limited. The part was $129 CDN. The part is called a "headlight switch control pod". Mine has fog lamps and automatic headlights. Other models of Grand Cherokee are similar.

I advise you to disconnect the negative terminal on your battery before starting this removal. This model is equipped with airbags.

To remove the panel, first unclip any wood or trim panels on either side of the steering wheel. Just pull them off, they are held on with clips. Next, using a Phillips screwdriver remove all of the screws holding the cluster bezel on. Look closely for them, they are all around the cluster. There are about 10. Remove the 4 screws holding the knee kick panel on under the steering wheel. Drop it down slightly. Remove the cluster bezel. Undo the 3 screws holding the "headlight control switch pod", and pull it straight towards you. Unclip the harness from the back of the module. Remove the module.

Installation is the reverse of removal.