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Q: How do you remove eraser marks from paper?
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What can a Mr Clean Magic Eraser clean?

According to their website, a Mr Clean Magic Eraser can remove marks from almost every type of surface. In particular they mention walls, switch plates, floors and blinds. The product is available in different sizes to suit the different applications.

Do we roll or slide eraser to remove the pencil work from note book?

Yes, because they work by shedding rubber to discard the removed graphite. That shedding requires a mechanical rubbing action, and that will inevitably force some graphite deeper into the paper. ... Rolling, or dabbing, is the preferred way to use kneadable erasers, because they absorb graphite.

How do erasers erase?

Erasers pick up graphite particles, thus removing them from the surface of the paper. Basically, the molecules in erasers are 'stickier' than the paper, so when the eraser is rubbed onto the pencil mark, the graphite sticks to the eraser preferentially over the paper. Some erasers damage the top layer of the paper and remove it as well. Erasers attached to pencils absorb the graphite particles and leave a residue which needs to be brushed away. This type of eraser can remove the surface of the paper. Soft vinyl erasers are softer than the erasers attached to pencils, but are otherwise similar.

Can you use regular markers on a magnetic whiteboard?

A whiteboard should not be used with regular markers, as this will make it difficult to remove what has been written or drawn upon it. Dry erase markers are specifically designed for use with whiteboards, as any marks can then be quickly and easily removed by wiping across the surface with a dry whiteboard eraser or cloth. If a regular marker has mistakenly been used with a whiteboard, it is not impossible to remove the marks completely. Various methods of removal can be found online.

How to Remove sticker tape from paper?

Soak the paper with spirit ( ethyl alcohol) and then remove the sticky tape.