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Take it to the jeweler. I called Fossil and they said that a special tool is needed to remove the link.

Could not believe that you need to take this to a jeweler and store should have informed my husband of this need. Now the watch costs even more. I think I will simply return it as I need no other costs to a non-expensive watch. Ridiculous. Oh by the way had he bought a similar watch at Dillard's they have an agreement with local watch shop and it would have been done for free. The things you learn afterwards are something else. Like the watch, but links need removing. I am all about getting directions that are properly written and to have to use a computer to find this out was just dad blamed infuriating.

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The ceramic watch band pin is unlike most watch pins in that it is a two piece unit. Imagine a sewing pin with a collar shaped like a doughnut on the other end and you will get an idea of what it looks like. Look at your ceramic watch band and look for the doughnut-shaped side of the band pins. The center of the "doughnut" must be gently tapped by a steel pin of slightly smaller diameter as this is a friction fit. Once I see movement in the pin I typically use a welder tip cleaner rod of the appropriate diameter and pliers to continue pushing the pin out of the friction "doughnut" fitting. This is not hard to do but care must be taken to not crack the ceramic links. Most watchmaking tools will not help you here as the band especially on the Invicta Mens' Ceramic Lupah is just to wide for the majority of watchmaker tools.


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Q: How do you remove links from invicta ceramic watch?
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