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hi i was just filming my film for college and was using red food colouring and it was all over my hands and up my nails, i used nail varnish remover for the most of it then a kind of bleach and sprayed it into warm soapy water then used a nail brush or any kind of brush like that... hope this helps yssy xx

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How do you remove brown stains from teeth?

to remove brown stains from your teeth you will have to brush them or floss them...

How do you get brown stains off a pool wall?

Brown stains can be removed by doing a shock treatment for the pool and then scrubbing the stain. Enzyme based pool chemicals will also remove brown stains.

How do I remove brown stains from the bottom of your pool?

quit pooping in it

How do you remove brown nugget stains on wool carpet?

get new carpet

Is it impossible to remove stains from a fiberglass pool?

I have a fiberglass pool and I am constantly battling with iron stains. It is not impossible to remove the stains. I get brown stains in my pool and I treat them with jacks magic stain solution #1. Check out their website. They show different pictures of different types of stains. The stuff does remove the stains quickly, but it is expensive. Hope this helps.

How can I remove Brown stains in marbelite pool?

Drain pool and clean with muriatic acid

What coulour are alishas knickers?

white with brown stains in it white with brown stains in it

How do you remove brown stains from your underwear?

Stains in your underwear are probably protein stains, so do not use hot water. Rinse them in cold water and pretreat them with OxyClean. Once the stain is gone, wash it as you normally would.

What kind of cat has light brown fur and green eyes?

The cat breed that is most known for its rich brown colouring and green eyes is the Havana Brown. This breed is exclusively brown - no other colouring is permitted.

Was coca cola originally green in colour and colouring made it brown?

No, that's an urban legend. It was originally sold in green bottles, giving it that impression, however the liquid inside has always been brown.

Explain how you would get the brown colouring out of a jar of tea solution?

because the tea leaves are brown.

Why are westies beards brown?

Westie beards should NEVER be brown, if it is that means the dog's white fur is badly stained. Sometimes reddish-brown "rust" stains can happenfrom minerals in their drinking water. If that happens start giving the Westie filtered water. (A Brita filter will do.) The rust stains will eventually grow out. If you want to remove the stains in the meantime, there are commercial products available, or see a dog groomer.

Why is coke black?

It is dark brown due to the caramel colouring added.

How do you get the brown colouring out of a jar of tea solution?

the tea solution is that efhf

How can you remove mysterious brown stains on a pool liner if citric acid does not work?

Sodium Hypochlorate 5.25% AKA Bleach. Y-THINK-Y

How do you get the green out of your hair it was d brown then orange then yellow then i tried to do d brown again now its green?

What you need to do is strip your hair. It's a chemical which will completely remove the colouring/dye out of your hair. After that, you can then apply the new colour dye.

If the river water is brown what does it mean?

It could mean lots of things such as....... -The water's dirty -There is brown food colouring in it

How do you remove brown stains on pool vinyl liner?

Try algecide gel and a soft sponge. You might also try Vitamin C tablets in a sock.

Is Coca-Cola green with colouring?

No it's brown can't you see?!?!

Can a flamingos colouring be brown back white underbelly and black wingtips?

yes the do have brown white and black if u no how to spell

How do you remove brown stains that appeared on a pool deck after poor resurfacing and muriatic acid application?

Give the contractor who did the job to come back to correct his unprofessional work.

Why is rice brown in colour when iodine solution is put on it?

cause iodine(brown) stains the rice

Ayrshire animals are what?

Ayrshire is a popular breed of dairy cow. It has brown and white colouring.

Was coca cola was originally green in colour colouring is now added to make it brown?


What is the colouring in vegemite?

Vegemite is a brown colour. The colour comes from concentrated yeast extract