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When cool, use a single edged razor blade held in a holder to shave it off. Can get them in most hardware stores.

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Q: How do you remove melted fabric of the glass on your fire?
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How fire can remove oil and dust from plastic bottles?

Most plastic bottles will be melted or burned by fire!

Can you melt glass beads?

Fire the clay like glass, not clay. The problem with melting glass on clay is the coefficient is different. Glass will craze, (crackle) on the clay. If you want the glass to stay on the clay use high fire clay and fire it to bisque first. The second firing with the glass on it should be fired on a schedule that is suitable for the glass. You can not simply fire the glass up to it's melting temperature then allow it to cool without controlling the cooling rate. You may want the rate to be 60ºF/hour to cool depending on the type of glass you are using.

What happened to the plastic surgeon as he sat by the fire on a cold winter night?

he melted

What is the difference between combustible and noncombustible fabric?

Combustible fabric is material that can catch fire and burn when exposed to an ignition source, such as an open flame or heat. Examples include cotton, silk, and many synthetic fabrics. Noncombustible fabric, on the other hand, is material that does not readily catch fire or burn when exposed to these same sources of ignition. This type of fabric typically has a high resistance to flame and heat, making it safer in situations where fire risk is a concern. In summary, the key difference lies in their flammability properties, with combustible fabric being prone to ignition and burning, while noncombustible fabric is resistant to these risks.

How do you make glass in Doodle God?

fire and sand

What happens to glass when there is a fire?

Since glass is not the most POWERFUL object, it may burn or break; but glass melts in fire.

What is a fire curtain made out of?

There are many things that a fire curtain can be made out of. A fire curtain is typically made out of a certain fireproof type fabric. The most commonly used fabric is called Zetex.

How did man discover that metal could be melted?

Man discovered that metal could be melted by taking matal and then putting it near a natural forms of fire. therefore it melted.

Why must a glass tubing be fire polished before it is used?

Fire polishing the ends of tubes and rods made of glass seal small cracks, which help reduce the chance of fractures. This is especially important due to the sorts of harmful chemicals often placed within a glass tube.

What is fire rated glass?

glass that is capable of retaining its integrity in an opening after being exposed to fire.

Can Kindle Fire glass be replaced?

no its a rare glass

How does fabric react to fire?

It will burn very quick.