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wires, should never be 'buried', meaning they should never be lost in a wall, etc. you should cap wires off in a readily accessable box. if you can identify a wire, meaning you are absolutley sure a wire goes from a to b with no other connections; i use a method. first i tape a written tag on the wire staiting its' former use, then i wrap tape on the end and fold each wire over and tape it to itself, creating a noose out of each individual wire.the terminated cable should physically be unable to conduct in this format, and the next guy down the road gets to know what you did.

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Q: How do you remove or terminate electrical wires?
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How do you replace air mass sensor 1998 mb e320?

The MAF sensor is located on the air intake plumbing after the air filter. It has some electrical wires attatched to it. remove the electrical wires, remove the screws holding the sensor in and remove the sensor. Replace with new sensor and attatch with screws and re-attach electrical wires. Never touch the delicate wires with your hands.For a detailed explanation with pictures refer to the related links below.

Can you splice wires in an electrical panel?

yes wires is electrical panel

How do you disconnect spark plug wires on a 2001 Dodge Dakota 4.7 liter motor?

It does not have spark plug wires. It has a coil on each plug. You unplug the electrical connector, remove the hold down nut, and lift the coil off.It does not have spark plug wires. It has a coil on each plug. You unplug the electrical connector, remove the hold down nut, and lift the coil off.

Why is copper often used for electrical wires?

Copper is used for electrical wires because it has high electrical conductivity.

How do you remove and to replace starter?

In general, remove negative cable from battery, remove electrical wires from starter, remove bolts holding starter in place, remove starter. Replace starter in reverse order.

What is the use of electrical pliers?

To strip electrical wires and to twist mutliple wires together.

Compared to thin wires electrical resistance in thick wires are?

The electrical resistance in thick wires is less than thin.

What acid can you use to remove the rubber coating opf an electrical wire?

To remove the rubber coating off an electrical wire, muriatic acid can be used. Stripping the wire is less caustic to the actual wires, though.

Do electrical wires affect the voltage?

electrical wires are selected to satisfy with the desired conditions and supply.

Why are electrical wires important?

Wires are the prime method of bringing a voltage potential to an electrical load.

How do you remove a starter 1996 Camry?

remove neg. battery cable disconnect both electrical wires to starter solenoid. remove 2 14mm bolts that secure starter to transmission and remove starter

What are connecting wires?

Connecting wires in electrical terms is called an electrical splice. All electrical splices have to be made in a junction box.

How does electrical energy travel?

Through electrical wires.

Which electrical wires bring electricity to an electrical device or motor?

which electrical wires bring electricity to an electrical device or motor The cable, otherwise known as the flex or the lead.

Why isn't copper commonly used for electrical wires?

Copper IS commonly used for electrical wires.For more information see the answer to the Related Question 'Why is copper used for electrical wires?' which is shown below.

Who invented electrical wires?

I did.

How was electricity captured inside of electrical wires?

Electricity is not "captured" inside of electrical wires. The question makes no sense.

Electrical wires are covered with rubber because rubber is?

Electrical wires are covered with rubber because rubber is an insulator.

Why is silver not used for electrical wires if it is such a good conductor of electricity?

Silver is not used for electrical wires mainly for two reasons. Silver is too expensive to use and it is a soft metal which is not suitable for electrical wires.

What common elements are electrical wires composed out of?

The two most comon metals that electrical wires are made from are aluminum and copper.

Why can transition metals be used to make electrical wires?

Their high conductivity is why transition metals are used to make electrical wires.

What element is found in electrical wires?

There are several elements found in electrical wires because there are different types of wires. These elements include copper, aluminum, tungsten, and gold.

Why cant sodium be used in electrical wires?

It can be used in electrical wires. Actually, in the future a lot of electrical wire may be made mostly of sodium. Google "lightweight composite electrical wire".

How are electrical wires marked?

with a sharpie

Where can you buy electrical wires?