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Scratches can be removed from concrete by sanding them. They can also be removed by applying a thin scratch coat.


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Scratches can rarely be removed fro plastic. The only way to remove scratches from plastic is to melt the abrasions.

To remove scratches from a car, you can buff them if they are shallow scratches. Begin by gathering a buffing wax and a buffing pad. Lightly buff the area until the scratches disappear. Then, remove the wax by wiping gently.

To remove visible scratches from a diamond, a diamond cutter can either re-cut the stone, or polish out the scratches if they are not deep.

remove scratches in winshield

Take it to a Jeweller who has professional equipment to remove the scratches.

Does toothpaste remove scratches from discs:Toothpaste does not remove scratches from discs, all it does is leave white smudges over the disc.

In some cases the only way to remove scratches from a sterling silver ring is to bring it to a professional. This is the case with deep scratches. For light surface scratches, you can try using toothpaste to buff them out.

I don't believe you can. I have an old Thriller record that i want to remove ssome scratches off of

the best ways to remove scratches from a hardwood floors are either you sand it or have someone do it for you

You can give it into GAME and they can remove the dents and scratches for $10-$20!

They remove scratches off a car by first trying to buff them out. If that does not work, the scratches are sanded, they are then filled with filler, and sanded again. Next a primer is put over the scratches, and then paint to match the rest of the car.

You can purchase a vinyl repair kit to remove the scratches. You can also use silicone to fill in the scratch, and buff it out.

To remove scratches off of cars, you can use an automotive exterior cleaning liquid. You can also use a sponge with water and soap to remove these scratches and nicks.

You cannot remove scratches from the screen. It is glass. If it were a plastic screen, a plastic polish would remove them. I would suggest a screen protector to prevent any more scratches from happening. And possibly a good protective case.

I have used Pledge before and it usually works great on scratches.

It is impossible to completely remove scratches from a CD. Many commercial products to remove scratches exist, but they can often exacerbate the problem. You can "buff" out scratches by rubbing a small amount of fluoride toothpaste on it in a circular pattern.

It depends on the scratch. Some 'scratches' aren't really scratches and can be removed just by cleaning the screen or back. However, if it is actually a real scratch, you cannot remove it.

Depending on the scale of the damage, it could be possible to remove scratches from a guitar. You should take it to a good luthier since you risk further damage if you try to remove them yourself.

There is an article on that give you tips on how to remove dents and scratches. The specify cars but you could try on your refrigerator to see if it works

Yes, you can buff the surface of a disc with toothpaste to remove, or lessen, scratches.

No. Muriatic acid will not remove paint from concrete. Muriatic acid will etch bare concrete though.

No , toothpastes contain abrasives .

Baking soda is the best way to remove acid stains from concrete. Dawn may remove grease stains from concrete. Vinegar is another great solvent for grease stains.

Wash the section first to prevent additional damage. Begin by sanding and buffing. Follow by using compound, rinsing compound and put on wax to remove the scratches.

You could use an eyeglass cleaner or toothpaste which works for scratches. Just get it off really well and then use an eyeglass cleaner to remove smudges.

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