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First, you should know that the television picture is AM or amplitude modulated, meaning that the picture is subject to "static" noise from lightning and other sources of external electrical noise. However, the television sound is FM or frequency modulated and is mostly immune to static or noise from OUTSIDE sources such as motor switching or fluorescent lights and lightning. So if you are experiencing "static" on your television sound it is probably from an internal condition, inside the television itself. Depending on the type of "static", the cause could be the audio amplifier inside the television malfunctioning or even breaking down. A qualified repair person could fix this, although it may cost more than the television is worth. Also, the slide-on wires to the speaker terminals could be dirty. These can be cleaned by an abrasive like scotch brite. Check all speaker connections if you can safely reach them with the television unplugged from power.

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2006-05-10 20:50:28
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Q: How do you remove static from a television speaker?
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