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Q: How do you remove sunscreen stains from white cotton?
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How do you remove ketchup stains from a white cotton dress?

use detergent with a sponge

To remove blood stains a cotton ball wet with hydrogen peroxide is rubbed Explain how hydrogen peroxide is able to remove blood stains?

Hydrogen Peroxide is like bleach. It turns it white, even if you don't want it too!!!!

How do you remove motor-oil stains from a white cotton shirt?

put a can of coke in when you wash the acid in the coke will take it out most of the time. Been doing it for years!

How can you Remove bath stains?

Yes. Bleach, white vinegar and lemon juice are often suggested to remove such stains.

How do you remove pen stains from white clothing?


Can you use white petrol to remove stains in garments?


How do I remove tea stains from partials?

Tea stains can be removed from partial braces by soaking them in effervescent tablets overnight. White vinegar can also help remove stains from false teeth.

How do you remove chlorine stains from white bathing suit?

liqiud nitrogen

Can alcohol remove wall stains?

White Wine is the best option

Will white vinegar remove odors and stains from laundry?

no but bicarbanate of soda will

How do you remove pet stains from white carpets?

You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove pet stains from white carpets. Simply mix peroxide with water and pat onto the stain. This does not work for colored carpets.

What is the best way to get a juice stain out of mens white cotton pants?

To remove juice stains from clothing, spray with a solution of 1 tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp neutral detergent, and a quart of water, then wash as usual. Cranberry juice stains can be removed with hydrogen peroxide.