Cadillac DeVille

How do you remove the alternator on a 1992 cadillac deville?

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2006-09-08 00:14:05

Most auto altenators can be removed by self examination. First,

always disconnect the battery ground cable. Next look at the drive

belt, does the front of the radiator have a smoll diagram of the

path the belt take, if not you will need to sketch a drawing how

the belt winds its way around the pulleys. Locate a 1/2 drive,

driver bar, the long handle bar used with 1/2 socket sets.

Disconnect the wire connection to alternator, use the bar to

release tension on the belt, and remove, or release belt from its

installed location. Now remove the attached bolts, and the

alternator is free, and removed. Before starting, did you take your

auto to local auto parts store, which usually checks it's condition

free of charge. ??

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