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What year after like 80s you cant!! If it is a late model it is a unibody meaning there is no separate body and frame. It's all one unit.

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Q: How do you remove the body off the chassis of an Impala SS?
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How do you remove the body off the chassis of a 1963 Impala SS?

there are bolts that go through the frame to the body that have to come out before you can raise the body off the frame, also all wiring has to be disconnected from the motor and the firewall.

How do i remove the throttle body off an 2002 impala?

take the bolts out of it

What is the serpentine belt 2003 impala?

you have to remove the belt tensioner to remove the belt off of the engine.

How do you remove 2005 Impala horn?

Begin by removing the wiring harness from your 2005 Chevrolet Impala horn. Remove the horn retaining bolts. The horn will come off.

How do you take off a 1966 impala sedan body off its frame?

there should be about 8 bolts holding the body to the frame.. first remove the front clip then there are 2 body mounts on the firewall, 2 over the rear axle, 2 behind the rear axle and the last 2 at the rear of the frame rails.

How do you remove a key switch from a 2002 Chevy Impala?

if you go to and find where you take the dash off this will get you in the right direction. i know you have to remove the dash to remove the key switch.

How do you remove a harmonic balancer on a 2000 impala 3.8?

Take the serpentine belt off and then take the crankshaft pulley off and you will need a puller to get the balancer off the crank.

How do you remove the dash from a 1996 impala ss?

The 1996 Chevy Impala dashboard is held in place with six retaining bolts and 12 retaining clips. Remove the retaining bolts and pry outward on the retaining clips. The dashboard will come off in two pieces.

How do you change rear brake pads on 2003 Chevy Impala?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 2003 Chevy Impala. Remove the brake assembly spring and the break caliper. The brake pads will come off. Reverse the process to install the new brake pads.

How do you remove door speakers in a 2001 Chevy impala?

the cover comes off and you take the 4 screws out then unhook the cables

How do you remove the power supply board in a Hitachi 60ux58b TV?

In order to remove the power supply board in a Hitachi 60UX58B, first unplug the TV. Then, unscrew the rear panel. Disconnect all parts that are connected to the power supply board. Remove the screws that are holding the power supply board to the chassis. Lift the power board off the chassis.

How does the Impala benefit from the oxpecker?

Oxpecker will like eat tick off impala

How do you remove the pick up box from the chassis of a Ford Ranger?

to rempve pickup bed, get under neath truck and cut off 6 bolts that hold bed to chassis. then disconnect any wires for lights, etc. then with a couple buddies,lift bed off truck

Why do you need to take the leads off in the reverse order after trying to jump start a car?

You need to remove the negative (black) cable attached to whichever car's chassis, first. Now if you accidently touch the chassis with the lead, nothing will happen, it's already negative. (This should be as far away from the battery as possible. ) Then, remove the other car's negative jumper. Now, the positive sides can be taken off, safely, If you accidently touch the chassis with the leads, there will be no spark as the two chassis' are now isolated. If you took off a positive (red) first, since the other end is still connected to a positive side of a battery and the two chassis' are connected, yYou could easily touch the chassis and make a spark, and possibly igniting any hydrogen gas from the battery, blowing its top off, and spraying sulfuric acid.

What is remove from the body when we breath out?

We give off carbon when we exhale.

Why wont your lights shut off on your 2004 Chevy impala?

becaus the 2004 Chevy impala does not have automatic lights and they have to be turned off manually

How do you take off rear seat speaker grille from a 1963 impala?

Remove lower seat bottom. Remove two bolts from bottom of seat back. Lift seat back off of its hooks. Remove from car. Use Philips screwdriver to remove 4 screws holding speaker grille to seat back frame.

How to remove handbrake?

Pull it off with some of your upper body strength!!

Where is your chassis number on Vauxhall vectra?

the chassis number is stamped into the floor at the side off the drivers seat O/S.and on the bottom right corner off windscreen N/S.

How do you change a rear door handle on an impala?

You have to remove the door panel from the inside of the door,and then remove the door linkage from the inside of the door handle. Next there are two bolts that you need to remove from the inside of the door handle,and then it will come off of the car.

HOW TO YOU Remove the trim of a impala?

Once you remove the trim, it will be impossible to put back on because they can only be used 1 time each. They cost about 75 dollars a piece to replace, and to take them off, you will have to have to take the door panel off.-Shocker

How do you install alternator on 2004 impala?

First you will need to remove the coolant tank, then take the serpentine belt off of the alternator pulley. Next unplug the factory wire harness from the alternator and remove the bolts that hold it in place.

Want to put a 2000 crown victory lx body on a 2003 crown victory police chassis Has anyone have any helpful info?

Um, it would not be a particularly easy job seeing as how there are a lot of things to disconnect and you would have to lift the passenger compartment off the chassis. But for all things practical, it might just be easier to switch the drivetrain rather than to take off the body.

How do you find the engine to chassis ground wire?

It is very unique because the wire is thick, very thick and looks like a 1/2 inch wire. No other is like it. There is one from the negative terminal of the battery to the Car Body, and the other if it is not from the Block to the Car body, then it should be from the Transmission body to the car body. If the car body is not metal then ground it to the Chassis that forcely has to be metal. The problem is that the Chassis is always heavy to dig or open a hole to put the screw and nut. Remember always where you put the ground, or the place where is must be peel off, use sand paper!

How do you turn off the seat belt reminder in 07 impala?

The best way to turn off the seat belt reminder in 07 Impala is by putting on the seat belt. This will automatically turn off the reminder.

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