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There are tiny hex head bolts underneath the front hangover portion of the dash pad and there are ones at the top in the vent. Unbolt them all and she'll come right out.

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2006-04-10 17:03:31
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Q: How do you remove the dashboard from a 1991 Z28?
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How do you remove the dashboard in a 1991 Honda Civic?

The dashboard on a 1991 Honda Civic is held on by several screws. Loosen and remove all of the screws. Then proceed to pull the dash out.

How do you replace the bulbs in the dash of a 1991 Z28 Camero?

pull the dash clusture and remove bulb locks behind it

How do you remove the dashboard of a 1991 Mercedes Benz g class?

The 1991 Mercedes Benz dashboard is held in place with eight retaining bolts and 12 retaining clips. Remove the retaining bolts and pry outward on each retaining clip.

How do you remove the fuel shut off chip located in the dashboard on a 1991 Camaro RS?

There is no such thing.

How do you remove the dashboard on a Toyota tazz?

How do I remove the dashboard.

How to change a fuel pump 1991 z28 camaro?

drop the tank remove pump replace pump replace tank. put back together

Where is computer Volvo 240 1991?

It is located on the firewall in the passenger's footwell. You have to remove the trim panel under the dashboard to see it.

What transmission was in a 1991 Chevy Camaro z28 with 350 v8?

The ONLY transmission that came in the 1991 350 Z28 was a four speed Automatic 700R4. IF it has a manual it was added by someone.

Where is the solenoid on a 1991 camaro z28?

mounted on top of the starter.

Can you fit any hood on your 1991 camaro z28?

Of course not

Will the fuel pump for a 1991 Z28 fit a 1998 Z28?

no the style of cammoro changed in 1992 from 2nd to the 3rd generation

What year t-tops can you put on a 1991 Chevy Camaro?

1991 to 1992 rs or z28

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