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run it on the fluff cycle for a couple of hours, no heat. if it still has smell, put carpet fresh or baking soda in a pillowcase , sew it up and run it on air only.

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Q: How do you remove the smell of fuel from a clothes dryer?
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How do you remove the smell of diesel fuel from clothes?

It takes several washings.

What municipal codes in Illinois allow PVC to be used for clothes dryer vent duct?

I don't know about Illinois but check the Fuel Gas Code. I have never heard of PVC being allowed for a Clothes Dryer Vent.

How can you remove diesel fuel and the smell from your leather work boots?


How can you get the smell of kerosene out of your clothes?

To get the kerosene smell out of clothing can be challenging. The first step is to hang the clothes and let the fumes air out, outdoors if possible. Then you can wash them with a good detergent. Wash as many times as necessary to get the smell out before drying them.

How do you remove an airlock in the fuel line of a VW Jetta 2004?

put 4 or 5 wooden clothes pins on the fuel line just before the carburator.

How do you check if Fuel is getting to Engine?

remove spark plugs dry them with a cloth put them back in crank the engine take them out again look to see if they re wet and smell like fuel

How do you get to the Fuel Pump on a 2000 Plymouth breeze?

You have to remove the fuel tank.You have to remove the fuel tank.

Smell of gas?

If you smell gas from your vehicle it probably indicates a leak. Even a tiny leak will produce a fuel smell. If there is nothing obvious leaking from the fuel lines, pull the vacuum hose off the fuel pressure regulator, if there is any smell of fuel there or if gas is present, it is leaking and needs to be replaced.

How do you remove fuel pump cavalier?

Remove fuel tank from vehicle and then remove fuel pump from tank.

How do you remove fuel pump on 94 accord?

to remove the fuel pump you will have to remove the fuel tank as it is located inside the fuel tank

What is the best way to get water out of a gas tank?

Either a fuel line de-icer or a fuel line dryer.

How do you remove water from the gas line on an 96 Olds Achieva?

Unless you have very large amount of water in the gas tank, it should not be an issue. Your vehicle is fuel-injected and F/I systems are very tolerant of water introduction. For minor amounts of water, use a gas-dryer (alcohol) such as HEET or Prestone Gas Dryer. For large amounts of water, drop the gas tank, dry it out, remove the fuel pump, replace the fuel pump screen (sock) and pump and reassemble. Be sure to purge the water (if there is any) out of the fuel line by releasing fuel from the service port fitting on the F/I hose once the vehicle has been reassembled. Mark--Raleigh, NC