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in 1997 they did not have speed governors. i have a 97 rs with aftermarket turbo and i can go as fast as i want! in 1997 they did not have speed governors. i have a 97 rs with aftermarket turbo and i can go as fast as i want!


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It has no governor. The speed is computer controlled.

There is not one on this vehicle.

You would have to send the pcm out for a reflash at "intense racing". They also do other upgrades to the pcm will reflashing

my 97 3000gt sl has a governor set on it at 125 mph #2 No, they do no have a speed regulator in the U.S.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 97 eclipse?"

The engine computer does provide an over speed protection.

take off ur bumper and then u can get to the other bolts on the headlights

where is located theknock sensor 97 mitssubishi eclipse

No. Not without major modification.

the transmission does not have a govener, the engine govener is controlled by the control module and needs a program to recalibrate

Yes it can. I own a 95 eclipse and have put a 97 front bumper on it. It is slightly lower to the ground but fits great! it wont fit my eclipse and its a 95

Behind the Engine between the firewall and engine on the transmission.Not easy to remove.

No, it will not. These two car belong to different models.

No those are two different generations of the eclipse so the suspension is different.

A 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse will produce a knocking sound if the ignition time is set incorrectly. This results in the valves opening at the wrong time.

If it is a 2.0 dohc 16 valve engine it is on the front driver side of valve cover. You will need to remove plastic air intake hose.

is there a video on remove the heater core on 97 cadillac deville

i have a 97 gst and on the inner door frame the gross weight is aprox 3100 lbs

In the rear left corner of the valve cover.

The body style was tweaked in 97. Therefore, the front bumper is not just going to swap out. The headlights are more slanted, so it is not going to fit around them the same.

hoew do you remove a c v axle from a 97 isuzu rodeo front right

The top speed is 72mph

You CAN"T. It is built into the computer

As far as the governor in the ford escorts 97-99, they are programmed into the computer (PCM) and cannot be removed. There are bypasses to trick the system, but at that speed do you really want to trust a wire to stay connected and not short out a 900$ part? Personally I run with 91-96 escorts that never had a governor installed.

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