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The 8" round subwoofer in in the back hatch, passender side. Remove plastic panel. Cut out old, nonfunctioning subwoofer. Be careful to disconnect wiring to re wire new unit. Then the really HARD part. There is a metal casing that need to come out. The flathead screws are cemented into the magnet so we drilled the screw heads old and removed the metal casing with a claw hammer. Then the heavy magnet is still a problem and embedded into a plastic molding inside that chamber. So ............... we used a crowbar to pop it out. Throw the old away. Connect old witring to new subwoofer. Screw into the exhisting holes and turn on the radio. What a GREAT sound! Didn't know we missed it so much. Really was easy to do except for the drilling and crwobar part. But................. it saved us $60 installation fee and we got NICE subwoofer on sale. Hope this helps you .

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βˆ™ 2008-04-02 17:28:31
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Q: How do you remove the sub woofer from a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer?
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