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I used denatured alcohol-since it evaporates quickly-and sap being similar to varnish or resin. I know you're not supposed to rub carpet, but i had no choice. I had dropped the tree on end while carring it out, so, the sap got deep into the carpet. I got a clean rag, wet it with the alcohol-gently wiped it across the carpet surface-into the middle of the stain (not pushing down-but gliding it across the surface)-then quickly soaked it up with clean paper towels. I repeated this several times-always using a clean area of the rag to apply the alcohol, and always a clean paper towel. Waste no time with the paper towel! the evaporation rate is very fast!!! It seemed like it was gone-the carpet moved freely again. Once it dried, i knew the surface fibers were clean but below was hard still. I then did the same routine with the alcohol rag and paper towels- but used my fingers like i was massaging a scalp- to clean the sides of the pile. I was affraid of getting the backing too wet-so i stopped, assessed after it dryed-then again did the problem areas that re-hardened. The alcohol re-activates the sap scent- so, if you still smell sap- theres still some there. Its been 4 days since i finished- and no color change in the carpet. (This all happened on an area rug with midnight blue, tan, burgandy, and cream fibers having sap removed from them) I also had sap that dropped on my polyurathaned maple floor. After trying to use various household products, i created shiny oil slick areas on the floor. I QUICKY wiped on the alcohol and wiped off with a paper towel and they were gone-in an instant. WARNING- do not use "GOOF OFF" on a polyurathaned floor! it dulls the finish! Try using the same technic that you would if you had gum on your clothes. Take a baggie full of ice and hold it to the sap spot until it hardens then try simply pulling the sap off. If it works on gum it might work on sap.

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Q: How do you remove tree sap from a carpet?
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How do you remove tree sap from clothes?

There are several things one can use to remove tree sap from clothing. A few things are WD40, peanut butter, or Goof Off.

How do you remove tree sap off your car?

Goo-B-Gone is a good option. If you go to an auto parts store and look in their car care/cleaner section, you will find many different products to remove tree sap from your vehicle.

How do you remove tree sap from car that already dried?

One way to remove the tree sap from your cars paint is to use finger nail polish remover on a cotton swab. After the sap is removed, create a paste mixture of water and baking soda to wash that area. After that, wax your car or that specific area.

How to clean tree sap?

You could try Golden Syrup; it removes grass stains easily so maybe tree sap has similar constituents. (See 'How do you remove grass stains?)

How do you Remove tree sap from a tent?

Hand Sanitizer works pretty well

What remove tree sap from cars?

I've read WD40 works really well.

What is the difference between sap and pine pitch?

Pitch is the sap of Pine trees and is very hard to remove from skin and clothes. Sap is a general term for all tree liquids as in Maple syrup.

How do you remove tree sap from your car?

when trying to get tree sap off a car there are millions of answers but only a few will really get that tree sap off you take gas, deisel, or karosiene, and spray on sap or you can buy paint remover pour some on a cloth and rub the sap off it wont hurt your paint or you take a putty knife and srape it off or get the sap hot and it rubs off with a paper towel or put toothpaste on the sap let it sit for a week or so rub off.

What happens to a tree when you remove a strip of bark around the trunk?

When you remove a strip of bark around the trunk of a tree, it dies because the sap can't go up the trunk.

How do you remove tree sap from a convertible top?

Goof off, or some bug and tar remover will release it.

How do you get rid of pecan tree sap?

Lick the sap off of the tree.

Why is there sap on the leaves of the linden tree?

What causes the sap on a Linden tree? and what can I do?

What does tree sap smell like?

tree sap strangely smells like bonjela!

How do you upholster cat tree with carpet?

You can upholster a cat tree with carpet by gluing the carpet to the tree. Any carpet store will have carpet glue that you can use.

Why is Car covered in tree sap every morning?

Its tree sap from a tree if your car is under a pine tree then that's your answer

What chemical elements are in the sap of a rubber tree?

what atoms are in the sap from a rubber tree

How do you get tree sap out of your hair?

I think the better question is: why do you have tree sap in your hair?

Can you fossilise tree sap?

Yes. It is very possible to fossilize with a tree sap.

What is the fossilized sap of an ancient tree?

Amber is the fossilized sap of an ancient tree.

Why do trees produce sap?

Tree sap is like blood for trees, it regulates their temperature during the winter and spring. Tree sap is found just under the bark of the tree.

How do you remove oleander sap from your hardwood floor?

Use Goof Off 2 spray, found at Home Depot near the paint solvents. It is made for the removal of tar, paint, oil, etc., on carpet and hardwood floors. It worked like a charm to get the sap from our Christmas tree off my hardwood floors. Spray, let it set for maybe 5 seconds, then rub with a clean cloth in the direction of the wood grain. You may have to do two applications but the sap will come off.

How do I remove Pine tree sap from leather furniture?

Simple. Creamy Peanut Butter! Just rub the peanut butter in and the sap should lift off. Rinse with soap & water.

Is tree sap poisonous to people?

Some tree sap can be poisonous to people. It depends on what tree(s) you are wanting to find the answer to.

How do you remove pine pitch from a car's paint?

do you mean tree sap ? if so use a little paint thinner in a rag and wipe it off

What is fossilized tree sap?

This is called amber and the correct term is fossilized tree resin not sap