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Shut off water supply, unscrew the handle and pull up the inner rod. On the lower end is a seal, take the seal to store and get one the same -re-assemble the opposite way.

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What brand of yard hydrant is best?

The brand of yard hydrant that is the best is Woodford's. It is made in the United States. It is a frost free hydrant.

How to repair a fire hydrant?

Call the local water department or hydrant repair company. most hydrant require several thousand dollars of specialty tools and are very complex. You want them fixed by a qualified technician so when you need them they will work.

Yard hydrant leaking?

Unscrew the rod and change the seal at bottom end .

How deep do you install a yard water hydrant?

Not a plumber however I do know it varies buy region. You need to know the depth of the freeze line in your area. That will determine the depth to install your hydrant.

How is a leaking weep hole on a yard hydrant repaired?

Weep holes are supposed to leak every time you run water through the hydrant. If it leaks constantly, you don't have a problem with a leaky weephole, you have a leaking hydrant. This can be fixed by replacing the rubber stopper at the end of the rod.

What is a antonym for hydrant?

no hydrant

What is the prefix of hydrant?


When was Coney Island Yard Electric Motor Repair Shop created?

Coney Island Yard Electric Motor Repair Shop was created in 1927.

How do you spell hydrant?

Hydrant is the correct spelling.

What sentence has the word hydrant in it?

"The dog was tied to a fire hydrant"? "The dog was tied to a fire hydrant"?

What sentences have the word hydrant in it?

dont park by a fire hydrant!

What are the dimensions of a fire hydrant?

The height of a standard fir hydrant is 28.63 inches. The diameter of a standard fire hydrant is 10 inches.

How do you use a hydrant in a sentence?

You are not supposed to park in front of a fire hydrant

What is a good sentence for hydrant?

i saw the fire department working on a fire hydrant

A 15 yard penalty in professional football?

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How far is 15 feet from a fire hydrant?

Fifteen feet from a fire hydrant is fifteen feet from a fire hydrant.. Just the same as fifteen feet from the fence..

What is a watch valve associated with a fire hydrant?

The valve that connects the hydrant run to the main

What distance is it ok to park from a fire hydrant?

how far can you park from a fire hydrant in Pennsylvania

What is the parking distance from a fire hydrant in new jersey?

15 feet from a fire hydrant.

The German shepherd is 120 feet away from the hydrant and the Alaskan malamute is 75 feet away from the hydrant How much closer to the hydrant is the Alaskan malamut?

540 inches.

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A personal foul is a 15 yard penalty.

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A sentence with the word hydrant?

I'm not saying my dog was in love with that fire hydrant but he did send it a "Get Well" card.