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How do you replace a driver side mirror on 2002 Tahoe Z71?


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2015-07-15 21:50:03
2015-07-15 21:50:03

If you only need to replace the glass, put your fingers in between the housing and the glass itself, and pull towards you. Use some force, but be careful not to crack the mirror. Eventually, the mirror will snap out of the actuator inside the housing. Dont pull the mirror out all the way until you have disconnected the plug on the rear of the mirror (operates the heating element) or you risk damaging the pins in the plug (only in heated mirrors). Re-install of new mirror is just as easy, reverse the steps, plug in power to back of mirror plate, push gently around edges of mirror until mirror snaps into actuator properly.

If, in fact, you need to replace the entire housing, follow these directions:

start by removing the door panel. Remove the window switch control there is a screw behind it and one under the pull handle. Then lift up on the door panel to remove. remove the triangular trim panel above the door panel by prying out. there are 3 10 mm nuts holding the mirror unit on. trace the wiring down the door and unplug it. install in reverse.

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