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How do you replace a heater fan in a 1977 Chevy Nova?


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The heater fan I believe is located behind the glovebox by the firewall. Just remove the duct and unbolt the fan.

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Drain the water from your 1972 Chevy Nova cooling system. Remove the heater core water supply hoses. Remove the heater core retaining bolts.

A 1977 Nova should have electronic ignition and therefore wouldn't have points

A 1977 Nova should have electronic ignition and therefore wouldn't have points

Heater core is under the dash behind the glove box and the bolts are on the firewall to take it out.

How do you change the heater core on a 1978 Chevy Nova Custom with a 305 v8 engine and where is it located on the car? thanks jj

The 1977 Chevy Nova came with an inline 6 and a V8. They did not come with a V6. If a V6 has been installed you need to know which one as the chevy engines have very different firing orders.

under the dash on the drivers side of the car.

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On my 72 nova the wire going to the blower looks to be purple.

In the bottom of the oil pan, towards the rear of it.

Start by removing the glove box liner. Everything is right behind that.

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when i removed the heater for my nova i had to disconnect the cables and wires from the heater assy and on the engine side of the firewall remove the nuts holding the assy to the firewall that allowed the whole assy to come out from under the dash then i dissassembled the assy and the heater core was bolted into the assy on the ends hope this helps

it's in the heater box under the glove box.simply disconnect the hoses under the hood,and take the heater box out from under the dash get a new core and install

They have to bu cut off, and welded back on.

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If you open the hood, it should be over by the passenger side wheelwell,close to the firewall.

i have a 1970 Chevy nova with a 307 that is in running condition.

Here's a link for a good step-by-step article in Super Chevy magazine. The car used in this was a 1968 Malibu, but the process is very similar for your Nova. I'm facing this same project on my '77 Nova but haven't got any pictures just yet. One thing they failed to mention in their ad... make sure you have a 5-gallon bucket to catch the anti-freeze!

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