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very easy, go under the truck, take off both nuts for the mounts, go up top and remve 2 more nuts, 1 per side. jack up motor, and ta da ! presto chango.

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2015-07-15 20:08:07
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Q: How do you replace a motor mount in a 1985 Dodge Ram?
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How do you fix the wiper blade system in a 1985 dodge ram truck?

replace wiper motor or gear box

What motor comes in a 1985 dodge ram royal 150 se?

318 2barrell

How do you replace power window motor in a 1985 380sl Mercedes?

how to repair a window motor on a 380sl mercedes

How many engine mounts does a 1985 Stanza station wagon have and where are they located?

I would want to sat 3, because you have th left motor mount, the right motor mount and then the rear motor mount which is located pretty much in the back of motor at the bottom of the car in the center

Curb weight of 1985 dodge conversion van?

The curb weight of a 1985 Dodge Conversion Van depends on the size of the motor and transmission. Most Dodge vans of this type weight between 5,000 and 6,500 pounds.

What type of motor oil to use in a 1985 dodge ram inline 6?


Can you put any oldsmobile motor into a 1985 cutlass supreme?

No you can not put any Oldsmobile motor into a 1985 Cutlass Supreme. Each car has a motor that was designed specifically for that vehicle. So if you need to replace the motor in a 1985 Cutlass Supreme, you need to find the specific motor for that vehicle.

Will a 1990 Dodge Ram motor fit a 1985 dodge?

if they have the same transmission then most likely but the 1990 is prob fuel injected and the 85 is not

How many motor mounts in 85 Monte Carlo?

The 1985 Monte Carlo has four motor mounts. There are two motor mounts on top, a mount on the lower engine by the crank pullet and a transmission mount located on the lower left.

1985 Dodge truck with a 904 trans and it slips going from second to third under hard acceleration motor is high performance?

mine did the same thing i had to replace it. they said it was a bad trans pump

Can i replace a 1990 dodge 1500 body with a body from a 1985 dodge 1500?

yes it is the same cab all parts will bolt right on

Where is the wiper motor fuse located on a 1985 dodge W150 truck?

try the fusebox under the word WIPER

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